How to Pair & Connect a Android Mobile via Bluetooth to Transfer Files

If you are looking to transfer few files or media from your Android Mobile with your computer or any other device then you should use the Bluetooth option. Here is a step by step tutorial on how you could perform this action. To get started you need to access the Gallery section followed by tapping on the file you would like to transfer and then click on the Menu option for getting a list of sharing options.

Share Photo Video Options Bluetooth

Next select the ‘Bluetooth’ option and then you would be asked to Enable Bluetooth following which you will get the following screen with the ‘Bluetooth device picker’.

Bluetooth Device Picker

On the Bluetooth Settings page you need to select the partner with whom you would like to connect to.

Bluetooth Settings Android

Next tap on the other partner device name and then select the ‘Pair and connect’ option.

Bluetooth Pair Connect

Once you confirm the Pairing Key and proceed with the same you will get the following screen on your Windows based computer where in all the required drivers would be installed.

Add Device Added

Following this you need to confirm the Bluetooth Pairing Request on your phone and both of these devices would be connected.

Bluetooth Pairing Request

This completes the setup of bluetooth connectivity to your android based mobile or tablet with any other device or computer. If the videos you are planning to transfer are of large size you should try to use the USB connectivity option.

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