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Panasonic Viera Android Tablet with remote control

Panasonic Android LogoPanasonic Viera, which got famous from its popular range of LCD televisions has now moved a step ahead and launched the Viera tablet PC which will be available in the market very soon. This is the first and the strongest step by the Panasonic as this becomes the entry of Viera tablet which enables the easy access to a wide range of the cloud based services which is in conjunction with the Viera world of digital televisions. The prototypes of these tablets have been unveiled here at CES 2011 which is currently being held in the Las Vegas and will be there till January, 06, 2011.

The VIERA tablet is basically the tablet type terminal which comes with a small touch screen LCD display. With simple navigation keys and brilliant display it’s sure to at least garner many of the techies. Also, Viera tablets will power all the tablets with the Viera connect which builds on the Viera Cast which boasts the IPTV features and also in this it also comes with the ability to download and install the applications such as games and utilities. Also, the users can use this Android tablet as a sub screen so that the images can be displayed and also the information related to the images which are shown on the television which is connected. Still it is not clear that with which version of Android operating system this tablet will be launched but its expected to have Froyo out of the box and then it will have the upgrade for the Gingerbread.

Panasonic has promised to bring the tablets in various screen sizes ranging from the tablets from four inches to the ten inches with one of the best graphical user interface so that visibility as well as the operatability becomes easy for every sort of user. With the arrival of the Viera tablets it is sure to revolutionaries the television viewing experience and also the tablet experience will be taken to new heights as innovation is the chosen path by Panasonic Inc.

Panasonic Android Launch

These portable tablets are very lightweight in design and also these are designed for long hours operation and have a tough and shock resistant body and also the company will be incorporating its expertise which it acquired over the years in the manufacturing of these tablets. Taking the media experience to a whole new level, this tablet will be having the preinstalled apps like  Netflix, Amazon VOD, Napster, Pandora, Facebook, CinemaNow and also Skype for calling your buddies.

In a nut shell the Panasonic tablets will be powering you with more services in an all new design and will contain all the social enhancements so that your tablet experience will never be the same again and also with Viera Connect a whole new world of possibilities will come up. Still the pricing details haven’t been disclosed but once the pricing details are disclosed it will be updated here. These tablets will be first launched in US and then gradually these will be launched in other parts of the World.

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