How to Run Android Apps Apk on Apple iPad with Alien Dalvik 2.0

myriad logoFor all those who have an Apple iPad, we have something for you as after the recent release of the Apple Ios 5 you might be really happy with the way things have changed but hey, you might just think on how’s that releted to Android. So coming to the point, we are here to tell you on how you can install the Android applications on your Apple iPad. Yes you have heard it right, you can now install the Android Applications right on your Apple iPad without any sort of hack or any additional pains or steps.

All this is possible with the help of the “Myriad mobile Software” which runs on the Cloud based technology. So, first up you need to install the “Alien Dalvik” application which is powered by the Myriad into your Apple iPad and then as soon as you open this application you will have to tap on the “Connect” and then it will reach out to the server where Alien 2.0 is resident allowing it to run on many platforms.

Apple iPad

Some of the applications like ESPN, Android Mobile Browser and Air Control are launched from the dedicated home screen of the Alien Dalvik 2.0 application and gives the same feeling that you are on an Android tablet. You can download the “Alien 2.0” application from the Apple Store.

Alien App Myriad on ipad

Multiple applications can run simultaneously without hampering the performance or compromising with the same, thanks to the myriad technology. So, in this way you can easily run the native Android applications in your Apple iPad. We can only hope that this application further grows and comes out with the large database of the Android applications which then the users can use it on many other platforms as well.

ESPN Android App on iPad

Do let us know your comments on this as in the future we will keep a track on this and we will update the proceeding in this regard. Though at this stage there are limited number of applications which you can run on this platform but soon the list of compatible applications will be increased.

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