Samsung Galaxy I9100 vs I9100G Phone Comparison

Samsung Galaxy SIIUsing the credits of Galaxy S phone, the Galaxy S 2 handset no doubt is the top selling Android phone this year. It features a 4.3 inches Super AMOLED Plus touchscreen display along with 1.2 Ghz Exynos 4210 Soc and amazing 8 mega pixel camera. The phone was very sleek at 8.49 mm and there were 15 million happy customers who buyed this phone.

The Galaxy S II phone has been produced in various variants and one close enough variant of it is I9100G handset with just change in chipset. In this article we have gone through the comparison of Galaxy S II GT I 9100 official phone vs the Galaxy S II GT I9100G variant.


Galaxy S II GT I9100 – 1.2 Ghz Exynos SoC
Galaxy S II GT I9100G – 1.2 Ghz OMAP 4430 SoC

The official Galaxy S II phone came with Samsung’s Exynos processor clocked at 1.2 Ghz but the Galaxy S II GT I9100G variant comes with OMAP 4430 SoC with 1.2 Ghz clock speed. Its observed that the cpu speed is capped at maximum 1008 Mhz and never really runs on 1.2 Ghz even under heavy load.

Graphic Support

Galaxy S II GT I9100 – ARM Mali 400 MP GPU
Galaxy S II GT I9100G – PowerVR SGX 540 at 304 GPU

The S II GT I9100 phone comes with ARM Mali 400 MP GPU to provide graphical acceleration whereas Galaxy S II GT I9100G comes with PowerVR SGX 540 GPU running at 304 Mhz.

Battery Life

Both the phones go with same specifications in the battery makeup. The Galaxy S II GT I9100G phone comes with better battery than the normal Galaxy S II phone. This is due to heavy load and heating in Galaxy phone eats much of the battery. But without heating, the battery life will remain the same in both the phones.


I am not sure why was the Galaxy S II GT I9100G phone was developed with just changes in processor and graphical support but looking at the issues comparison, Galaxy GT I9100G phones performs better. The official Galaxy S II phone can heat up quite a lot of time under heavy usage and this thus reduces the battery life of the phone. Galaxy S II GT I9100G is with no such heating issues. Galaxy S II phone provides the best of the 3D performances and same as with the GT I 9100G variants does but it struggles under heavy load.

So looking at the issues of official Galaxy S II phone in comparison with Galaxy S II GT I9100G the latter one has better performance and battery life.

Developer Support & Update

The official Galaxy S II phone was so hit that it’s the best Android mobile phone every released and developers are constantly working for new firmwares, updates or any bug fixes. The case is not same with Galaxy S II GT I9100G which went unnoticed among the users and developers. So there are no consumers for latter device and even Samsung didn’t make much of advertisement of the this variant, thus hardly any developer supports it. Even the CyanogenMod provides no update to it and the feature of it looks bleak as well.


It’s reported that Samsung is duping consumers in many countries of Asia and other regions of the world by selling both the models with exactly the same packaging. There is no way to distinguish between I9100 handset and the I9100G handset until you check out the phone specifications by going through Settings > About phone. What more worst reported by users is that Samsung is selling Galaxy S II GT I9100G phone in the pack of Galaxy S II without distinguishing between the models. You may say there is not much difference between those two variants but getting the variant model would mean that you will be with no firmware update and no developer support.

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