Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 – Steps to Install Enhanced Gingerbread DXKJ3 2.3.6 Firmware

Samsung Galaxy Y LogoUsers facing issues with the firmware of DXKJ3 can now breathe easy as it was found that last firmware which we covered was buggy and we really apologize for the same and in this article we have corrected the issues with the same file as we have now got an all new firmware file for the same. This version of Gingerbread 2.3.6 firmware is dubbed as 2.3.6 version of Gingerbread. This version of firmware is the enhanced version to what we saw earlier as most of the phones didn’t get updated to.

Disclaimer: At Android Advices, we have made sure in all respects that all the information regarding the firmware update is mentioned correctly in this article. We hold no responsibility in any manner just in case if any damage happens to your Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 which is a very unlikely event if you follow the instructions carefully.

In the due course we will see on what are the list of Pre Requisites one has to follow before proceeding to applying this firmware on your Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 Android phone.

Rooting Information:
Applying this firmware to your Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 will not root the device in any manner. Also, just in case if you have rooted the device earlier then the rooting will be revoked and you can claim back the lost warranty. Just in case if you wish to root your phones then we will soon come up with the rooting article.

For all those who doesn’t know What Rooting Is? Then we would like to tell you in a simple one liner that Rooting is basically a technique wherein the third party tools or apps are given the permission to access the system level files for required customizations in the form of Custom ROMs and other tweaks.


  1. Pleas can you found russia version

  2. Please tell me if this Update can be applied to my galaxy Y s5360 here in Puerto Rico

  3. I bought my sumsung galaxy young but I didn’t have the CD in my package so how am I going to do?

  4. i reformat my phone and my infos on gmail dissapeared can this be the solution so i can bring back mydatas regarding to that?

    • Yes all the data is gone unless you backup earlier. The format would generally be used to make your phone clean and remove all the previous data and settings.

  5. does wiping the data will only reset again the update?

    • Wiping actually reset’s or removes all the settings, your personal data which you have had earlier input when you started using the phone. Includes your basic settings, APN, Wifi Logins and so on.

  6. I can’t understand where are the steps to update my galaxy Y?? please immediate response.

  7. Muhtasim Shams

    how do we know when Odin’s done?

  8. When I upgrade through my phone, 1st it is download a 8.23MB file ,install, say to reboot phone. After auto on phone the installion process stop at 23% and switch on phone & showing “faild to update firmware, try using pc software(kies) or go to samsumg care”.b4 that I update my phone from 2.3.5 to 2.3.6 by itself, why it doesnot update.

  9. Sochipem keishing

    Is it possible to upgrade my samsung galaxy y to Android Gingerbread 2.6 by simply update it in my mobile itself???? By doing at automatic sofware update????

    • yes you can apply the update directly! have you tried via kies?

    • like what they said you can update your phone via Software Update in your mobile phone settings but you need internet connection WIFI or 3G

  10. Hi friends i have an S5360L no carrier lock, is a fully unlocked phone but i want to know if i can change firmware to unlock 900MHz UMTS Base band, because 2G Network in my country ist really bad, my question its simple can i try to use only a new Modem file only? or i have to update all ROM Firmware, i can do it and revert the changes if not work?, thanks for any helpppend.

  11. thanks a lot…!! its working for me finely

  12. Thanks dude! :)) now i can repail my firmware.. :D hahaha

  13. plz help i have samsung galaxy y and i am facing problam sd card remove itself.

  14. Can we try this without Odin?
    Any links for Odin also?


  16. Dear Mr Neal

    i have a problem it my Samsung galaxy y GT-S5350.
    I Buy it just 2 week ago. by mistake when a connect my phone with pc using kies.during firmware up-gradation i was discount my phone. so now my phone is not working .on screen massage is (firmware uograde encountered an issue. please select recovery mode in kies & try again)

    Let me know how can i solved this problem

    Thanks & Best Regards

  17. can u tell me where i get flash player for sum sung gt 5360 plz provide me link

  18. In the zip file i’ve got only 3 files :
    what to do….please help….

  19. want to root my samsung s5360 gingerbread DDKJ2
    please tell me how to root please send me advice

  20. want to root my samsung s5360 gingerbread DDKJ2
    please tell me how to root

  21. ive tried power+up vol.+center button boot but it failed i dunno why…

  22. im having problems with my samsung galaxy y s5360 it always showing samsung logo pls help…

  23. hi Neal………………

    i have rooted my phone samsung galaxy y …….. hoe to get back warrenty?

    • while you’ve rooted your galaxy y the warranty will be void to get back the warranty try unroot your galaxy y

  24. how to install adobe flash player in galaxy y.

  25. will galaxy y ever be upgradable to a newer version than gingerbread..?

  26. Neil Can I copy the link where you can download the package and use it in my website to add some tutorial regarding Galaxy Y, but in Tagalog( Philippines Language) ??? would that be fine? the credit will always be for its just that I want to translate it in our language so that many Filipinos will be encourage to use android. I will wait for your response thank you so much

  27. after i updated my galaxy y, i have a problem with my sd card. it keeps on unmounting itself. what should i do with that?

  28. hey, i have a problem after i updated my phone to 2.3.6
    the sd card keeps unmounting itself so i keep on setting my theme of my launcher. can you do anything to that?

  29. when i flashed this rom my screen became white on rebooting….i can hear booting sound.The system is running.its just that the screen is total white

  30. link please @_____@ to DL the update thingy… It is not responding to my download sector

  31. Thankyou man you are a life saver God Bless You Man

  32. никак не получается войти в режим загрузки…(
    телефон просто виснет…

  33. jennifer pableo

    How will i able to have my samsung gallaxy s5360 sd card back to normal again?kindly help me about this..pls.

  34. Successfully upgraded……….. I hope i dont face any poblems in future as this is the latest version…
    i also want to know
    in baseband version it is showing dxkj1 and in build no. it is showing dxkj3 is it normal. And in actual i hv kj3 or kj1??????

  35. Shajeel Gillani

    i want to install UC browser on my samsung galaxy GT5360, but i could not. please suggest me what can i do???

  36. update the samsung galaxy y phone

  37. By The Time I Have Updated My Phone To 2.3.6 I’m Having Serious OF Problems… The Call Cannot Connect And It Says Mobile Network Not Available… Please Help Me….

  38. i have galaxy mobile not support SD card that time screen shows “sd card removed unexpectedly”.anyone know solution for this problem..?
    (like this happen 5-8 times per day)

  39. Suvendu Kumar Dash

    kindly send me the details “how to connect internet connection in my mobile SAMSUNG YOUNG GT S5360

  40. around 7500/- budget (Indian rupee) this is best phone.

  41. hey neel…is this firware the latest or Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 with XXKL3 Gingerbread 2.3.6 plz guide…nd do also tell me is both the updates are for the region pakistan?

  42. I wanna access the internet TV on my galaxy but here, it’s flash version is not supported online internet TV, after upgrading the firm version , can i able to see the flash internet tv , means that in new firmware , flash upgraded????? thanks plz ans

  43. how can i watch online flash tv channels on galaxy y s5360? i cant install flash on it, can you tell me how can i install flash in it and watch flash tv channels online.

  44. hi
    why still i can open vpn?
    android version 2.3.6
    baseband version s5360dxkl2

    i dont know why still my not rooted?
    thanks pls i nedd ur help

  45. hi neal,

    im just wondering.. i successfully updated my firmware which is 2.3.6 ddl.. but the thing is i cant go to the recovery mode.. it still said something about custom os thingy.. like the one before.. i really dont know what to do with this..

    any advise is very much appreciated .. :)

  46. My phone is on download mode now, however it was not connected to Odin, what will I do? I want to cancel the process, But how?

  47. thnx for you for firmware 2.3.6 but i was loking for arabic firmware 2.3.6 can help me plz to find it THX FOR YOU

  48. Alright! the rooting from this site:

    Works!!! for those who doesn’t care about breaking the warranty of your galaxy Y, you may follow this easy step!

  49. Wow!!! This is a great tutorial and the firmware works every well.

    I was actually stuck with a firmware with same version of 2.3.6 but was customized by my provider and would not allow rooting and wished I did not update the firmware so that is why I just gave this a try and it works!!!

    Big THANKS to you sir… I’ll try rooting the device later and give you a feedback on it… I’ll have to find the link where I found this rooting Have to give credits to that blogger as well…

  50. i have a Samsung Galaxy y.
    it has an android version 2.3.6 Gingerbread and i want to upgrade it to android android version 4.0 Ice cream sandwich can u please help me hot to do it

  51. This guide was a life (phone) saver…. Thank You…

  52. hi…. galaxy y was having some problem with 16 or 32gb cards. after the latest update it is working fine. there is no problem with 8gb or lesser.
    i just want to know that is this handset support flash or not? coz i tried to install adobe flash but it says \your device is not supported.\
    one more thing i like to know that is it possible for this handset to speak the direction showing in Google map? if yes then how. plz answer. thanx in advance

  53. how do I configure internet in Samsung galaxy y s5360

  54. Someone knows if it works with S5360L ?

  55. Hi,

    I recently bought the Galaxy Y and installed Kies on my pc. When I connect my mobile to pc and launch Kies, it says a new firmware is available for GT-S5360.
    Current firmaware version: PDA:KKA1/PHONE:KK1/CSC:KJ3(INU)
    Latest firmaware version: PDA:LA1/PHONE:LA1/CSC:LA1(INU)

    Please let me know if it is safe to upgrade to this version and such upgrades are covered under warranty.

  56. hello i face big problem, i forgot to close Antivirus and firewall, the upgrading stucked in

    Set PIT file..

    and nothing happening for about 10 minutes till now, what can i do ?

    btw i closed the AV and firewall now

  57. yes he had noted down his firmware..
    but the thing is he has brought his phone just 5 days ago and he has his original indian stock rom because the phone is newly i am asking you if there is a way so that my friend can backup his stock rom and then he will give me that file and i will install it on my phone and if it worked i will surely help you by uploading that file somewhere so that you can help all indian user..
    so pls provide any way to backup current rom for this phone

  58. hey i have asked you many times for indian rom for galaxy y but still you havent made firmware for,my phone has unofficial version because i updated with friend has brought new galaxy y and he has the same original indian stock rom so is there any possible way so that i backup his stock rom and install it in my phone?pls help…

  59. hi….. i recently purchased samsung galaxy y i want to root my mobile . 2.3.6 version, baseband s5360ddkj2 , kernel

    version root@DELL144#1 , build number GINGERBREAD.DDKJ2 , any one please suggest me ,can i root my

    mobile where can i get the file can anyone plssssss tell me……..

  60. the thing is that the downloaded apps go into my internal memory n it gets full n i cant even copy the things onto my sd card….the move link is not getting highlighted…..i have even taken that app of copy to sd card……..plz help

  61. I am chinese,my phone with firmware 2.3.5 and Baseband 2.3.5ZCKI4, want to upgrade 2.3.6.
    but I am not able to get through also。
    Below is the log,
    Enter CS for MD5..
    Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
    Please wait..
    MD5 hash value is invalid
    APBoot_S5360ZCKK2_REV05.tar.md5 is invalid.
    please help me!

  62. why i cant extract all files…??

  63. Gingerbread DXKJ3 2.3.6 Firmware in Galaxy Y S5360

    can i update my india galaxy y s5360mobile on this firmware

  64. Hi.. how long will it take when i can see the ID:Com turn in to YELLOW???

    My screen says:

    Product name : GT -S5360
    Custom BIN DOWN : NO (0 Counts)

    whats the next STEP??
    pls HELP me :)

  65. Hi i am not able to get the yellow bar after connection my phone to pc aftre switching the phone in download mode.
    plz help me out.

  66. I bought a new Samsung galaxy y s
    5360(32 GB). Whenever I keep 2-3
    files for downloading in ANY browser,
    press home key & then lock key,
    after 5-10 mins when i check phone all
    files are either discarded or
    the downloads are unsuccessful. ….
    What should i do….? plzzzzzz


  68. I’ve successfully updated the firmware using Kies. Here are the facts that i would like to share.

    1. Kies won’t update your phone if you are connected to the Internet using 3G USB Modem.

    ** I was able to update my phone using a guest OS (windows 7) running inside Vmware workstation.

    2. Using windows 7 the kies driver installed when the phone is running (OS Loaded) is a different driver if your phone is in the Download mode.

    **I have to set my phone in download mode then install driver by allowing the system to download drivers online. (kies driver doesn’t work if the phone is in download mode)

    The baseband version of my phone is now S5360DXKK2.

    • hey regin can you pls elaborate the above thing.And kies is not detecting my phone as i have updated to the above firmware by…so do you have any idea how kies will detect my phone?

  69. NeaL my phone is rooted if I used the method above the enhance will my root galaxy y will be unroot?

  70. hey neal pls pls pls provide me any official indian firmware for galaxy y s5360..pls,i want any official india whether 2.3.5 or 2.3.6 because in kies when i connect my phone it says this version cannot be updated(as i downloaded 2.3.6 from your site).so, i want any indian firmware so that kies detect my phone for update.
    do you have any alternative solution without changing firmware?

    but try as far as possible to give me an official indian(that start from s5360DD…..)

    • actually i found an original firmware but it requires multi downloader odin because it is in one package(only one file) and i searched the whole forum for s5360 multi downloader odin so that i can enable one package button and update it…so neal now there is three option for you and you can provide me with any of the one option that is
      1. give me any official indian firmware so that kies detect my phone for update.
      2.any alternative solution if you have so that kies detect my phone(it is not detecting because i updated a firmware from your site)
      3.give me a multi downloader odin for galaxy y s5360 to enable one package button..

      pls pls help i think you might have solution from any of the three options above

      • which was your official version, please give us the version name and number!for kies to detect,
        you need to be on official firmware,
        its all packed in the zip file!

      • Hy Tejas

        According to your comment i m providing Multidownloader Odin soft. The option is available for one package MD5 file in this software. But i am not succeed. Please try your self. And write the comment what happend. I also want to Indian firmware which detacts from the KIES software for firmware updates. Thanks

        The links are

      • hey someone have provided me with multi downloader odin link
        but the above link is not for samsung galaxy y and it is for galaxy ace and that is why samsung galaxy y is not detecting.we want multi downloader odin for galaxy y….

        now, this is question to you neal-
        i updated to your firmware and after some days its back key and menu key are not responding.So i went to samsung mobile service centre to make it repair and there they told me that your firmware is not official and now warranty is void..but,seriously neal i have never rooted my phone,i only updated my phone to this firmware.i dont know why service centre are making issues as i also know that rooting is different and upgrading to unofficial firmware is that is why neal i was asking for ooficial indian firmware so that i can update to it and repair my phone…give me 2.3.6 DDKK1 BUT MAKE SURE THAT IF YOU PROVIDE COMBINE PACKAGE THEN ALSO PROVIDE MULTI ODIN WITH IT…

      • Hy Tejas
        Did you got the multidownloader for galaxy Y. Actually we are in same problem. I also have the DDKK4 firmware but in a single file formate. Please share your experience if you got the multi down. for galaxy Y 5360. Thanks


      • i am talking about 2.3.6 DDKK1
        BUT,i told you that any other official indian firmware will do because as the kies will detect i will update it to latest.
        why i am in need for that because-
        my back button and menu button is not properly, i went to samsung service centre and they are saying that my firmware is not official and they will charge to repair back key and menu key.
        I am my warranty card since i have bought just a month back but they are saying that your warranty is now void because firmware is not official.i know that actually warranty does not void as you mentioned above but how do i make them understand so i am in need for any official indian firmware launched by kies

      • Hy Neal
        According to tejas comments I also want to official firmware (2.3.5). And I am providing the details of original indian firmware when i was purchased my phone. i typed from the keypad *#1234# N GOT THE RESULT




  71. NeaL sir about fixing the sd unexpectedly removed i bought a new memory card 8 gig should i format it to FAT32? If i need to format it should i do FORMAT or the QUICK FORMAT?

  72. what is admin privileges?
    ah im using a laptop,vista

  73. uhm neal.
    can i play hd games even i dont have 2.3.6 firmware?
    but i have chainfire3d is this application connect with 2.3.5/

  74. were the same i had one error to.

    Odin v.3 engine (ID:7)..
    File analysis..
    Enter CS for MD5..
    Leave CS..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..

    Complete(Write) operation failed.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

  75. Hi neal

    need a help;))
    what will i do after downloading the Galaxy_Y_S5360_2.3.6
    XXKK6 2.3.6 Zip Package

  76. new firmware available from Samsung. you need to update via samsung kies.

    new firmware version: PDA:KL1/Phone:KL1/CSC: KJ3(INU)


  77. The SD CARD EXPECTANTLY REMOVED has been fixed after i reformat the MicroSD card to fat32.

  78. hey friend i install 2.3.6 in my galaxy y …….and galaxy ace is now upgrade able to ice cream sanwich

  79. hey neal pradeep after updating my phone to 2.3.6 the error “SD CARD UNEXPECTALLY REMOVED” has been “FIXED”..
    thanks a lot bro .. u ROCK ..

    • thanks rohit for your feedback!

      • thank u very much neal pradeep because of u i am able to learn atleast few about the rooting,and upgrading os………and i really appreciate u for your hardwork in uploading games for samsung galaxy y………………thanku thanku thank u very much…………………………..

  80. Can you please tell how have you enhanced it because i already have this version but it has only one file so i am not able to flash it.

  81. Even im facing the \SD Card Removed Unexpectedly\ error after upgrading to 2.3.6.
    Please solve this.

  82. What is the difference between this enhance dxkj3 to the other guide which is dxkj3?

  83. baseband version is showing s5360dxkj1 and build number gingerbread.dxkj3 after update so is everthing ok ? one more thing is any new update available if yes than how to find and download

  84. woking fine, but no french lang lol


    is there any way to unlock it so i cam use any sim card ?

  85. my galaxy young is network locked to one carrier, does this upgrade help me to get it unlocked & woking with any sim card ?
    if no , how can i unlock it ?

  86. Hi. Can you re-upload the file? The link is still down as of this writing. Thanks!

  87. neil,,

    what is the latest kies for galaxy Y??

    i upggraded my phone but i dont know if its the lastest one?

    model no. GT-S5360

    android version 2.3.6

    base band version S5360DXKK2

    kernel version root@DELL136#1

    build number GINGERBREAD.DXKK4

    about phone,,

    thanks neil hope for your reply,,

  88. Hello thanks for the updates, hope the next one would fix the SD card removed bug thingy.

  89. Sir NeaL Pradeep what is the progress of the DXKK4? ^_^ can’t wait for it hope you can finished it ASAP! Goodluck with that!!

  90. hello neal …..
    i try to upgrade my galaxy y cell to android 2.3.6 after half compling it gave error and the phone is not starting please help

    Enter CS for MD5..
    Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
    Please wait..
    S5360DDKK1_S5360ODDKJ3_S5360DDKK1_HOME.tar.md5 is valid.
    Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
    Leave CS..
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:3)..
    File analysis..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..
    NAND Write Start!!
    Transmission Complete..
    Now Writing.. Please wait about 2 minutes
    Receive Response form LOKE
    Transmission Complete..
    Now Writing.. Please wait about 2 minutes
    Receive Response form LOKE
    Transmission Complete..
    Now Writing.. Please wait about 2 minutes
    Receive Response form LOKE
    Transmission Complete..
    Now Writing.. Please wait about 2 minutes

    Receive Response form LOKE
    Complete(Write) operation failed.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

  91. hello……….can u please give another link which is working…………….

  92. Hello Neal,

    I am also facing SD Card Removed Unexpectedly error after upgrading to 2.3.6. Please solve this..

  93. where can i find locale and text option?

  94. still waiting for the KK4 update…. zzzzzzzzz

  95. Sir please make a article for updating to KK4 firmware i got a KK4 firmware but somehow it is only 1 file not like the J3 it has a lot of file!

  96. THANKS!
    When I pulled the battery out yesterday without switching off the phone to change the sim—on reboot my phone would only show the boot screen,sensing trouble I tried everything like pulling out battery and all,over and over again but it didn’t work,so I tried to get into recovery–and boy….I was shocked that even recovery didn’t work,just the boot screen again.Then I tried the download mode and was I relieved or what!It worked I realized I only had to flash to get my phone back to work,so no Samsung Service Center was required,I sighed because I had already rooted my phone.This post helped me get a working firmware and I flashed my phone with it and voila!It worked,so thanks again.Although this is temporary because I don’t want an Indonesian firmware on my phone I will download an European firmware or an Indian If I can find one.

  97. hu neal.. will updating firmware unlock simlocked? tnx

  98. where is that?

  99. Please make a article for updating to KK4 firmware……..eagerly waiting for it!!!!

  100. hey what is the password of that file?

  101. hi neal..i followed all your instructions and in odin mode after connecting usb cable,the yellow status is not showing..and 1 more thing, after upgrading,will i be able to install flash player?thanks in advance

  102. hai neal i sucessfully updated the new version and i am gettin sd card unexpectedlly removed pls help me to solve me this problem pls

  103. this might be an off topic, but can someone direct me to a site on how to sim unlock Galaxy Y? thank in advance, if none then still thank you… =)


  105. Will rooting unlock the sim lock? just curious… thanks!

  106. why did the font size of creating a new message changed? is there any way to return it to how it was before?

  107. hey Neal…!!

    i read lot of forums and they say that in kies update of 2.3.6 firmware..the issue of “SD CARD UNEXPECTALLY REMOVED” is being solve…maybe you can upload or give us link to download that firmware..that will help a lot..

    i have one more question..

    is your firmware that we are using right now will be recognize by the kies…?

  108. this error is in my current version 2.3.5 .. thts y i m updating my phone to 2.3.6 ..

  109. hey my odin is blank even my phn is in download mode and i ve connected my phn to pc :( help

    even i get this error many many times a day .. neal please help … please

  111. i have basically not restore the apps to external card and so they all gone…..but firmware updated……

  112. neal,

    is there already a way to unlock this fone for free.

  113. Just as chito posted, I also noticed the newer update just this afternoon when I plugged my recently updated Galaxy Y.

    Neal, are you going to make this update(KK4) available through ODIN? My Kies is actually set to auto download new firmware updates. I just don’t know where those files reside in my Win 7 laptop.

  114. Neal when will adobe gives their flash support for s5360…..?or any other alternatives for flash in s5360?

  115. Just bought S5360 phone, but unable to use the internet and i dont know why, can somebody help me? please


  116. I am not able to download the firmware from the given link……so please do check and tell me…..

  117. I tried the steps as you said but the ID:com section doesnt turns yellow

    Wat to do now

  118. Hai

    I am not able to connect my Galaxy Y mobile to my laptop. It shows your device software failed to install

    kindly advice how can i connect my mobile to PC

  119. Hy Neal

    I have updated sucessfully the firmware. But some time i got the error “SD CARD UNEXPECTALLY REMOVED.” What i do. Pls give me the suggetion.
    Thanks in advance.

  120. Neal..i have a question

    i upgrade my s5360 to 2.3.6 firmware that i download in other problem now is that the sd is always unexpectedly removed…is it the firmware?because in the previous firmware it is not happening..
    i will try your enhanced firmware if it is okay for me..
    thanks for sharing..!

    • we cannot give support for the files downloaded from other site as we don’t know how harmful those files may be, you can download the files from the above article!

      • thank you for your reply Neal…
        I will try your firmware now..

      • dude im getting error lik ur device is not recorgnised wen i connect to my cell to the system and im not getting id com also,nw wat to do plzzzzz sujjest me or tell how to get out from download mod plzzzzzzzzzz soonnn

  121. Hey guys, there’s a new update available via kies; i just had my asian galaxy y’s firmware updated last night to: PDA:KK4 / PHONE:KK2/CSC:KK1. Android version though still says 2.3.6. Go for it!

  122. should i also do it as i have build number GINGERBREAD.DDKI6 ….is it the latest or yours is the latest????do reply

  123. Any one please tell me. Aftar update the firmware who has face the language problem (i.e. change phone language in indonasia) and why. We can change in English (UK) language but by default how its changed.

  124. Updated successfully, thanks ;)

  125. Hey Neal, i installed the ROM in the model S5360B (with “B”) and it worked, everything is ok, no problem. Is there a way to install the language PT-BR? hugs

  126. Had trouble updating my galaxy y using kies and found your procedure. followed it and everything went smoothly. however, how do find my previously installed apps. are they gone forever? thanks a lot.

  127. This one worked…but when I connect my phone to PC via Kies…it shows “Your device is not supported for firmware upgrade through kies”
    What to do

    I previously had XXKI9 installed and then installed this update.
    Please help

  128. File analysis..
    Enter CS for MD5..
    Leave CS..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..

    Complete(Write) operation failed.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)
    i’ve followed the steps accurately, turned off antivirus & firewall as well. But it didnt works for me. checked the usb ports. Pls help me.

    • check with another pc, its a strange issue!

      • Dude, its still not working for me. I’ve also tried with PDA_S5360DDKJ3_REV05.tar.md5;uncheck the partition both the time.
        Enter CS for MD5..
        Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
        Please wait..
        BOOT_S5360DXKJ1_REV05.tar.md5 is valid.
        PDA_S5360DXKJ3_REV05.tar.md5 is valid.
        MODEM_S5360DXKJ1_REV05.tar.md5 is valid.
        GT-S5360-MULTI-CSC-OLBKJ2.tar.md5 is valid.
        Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
        Leave CS..
        All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 0)

  129. Hi Neal, I’m from Brazil and here we have the GT-S5360B version, with “B” at the end. This update their work for this model? It also has Portuguese or English only? Congratulations and thank you for the work you’ve been playing.

  130. is it true that updating to this firmware will not loose my warranty

  131. when should we check and uncheck the repartition

  132. succesfully updated…..

  133. Succesfully updated…..but i haven’t seen any major differences from previous version

  134. Succesfully upgraded…but not seems major differences ……

  135. Hello Neal,

    I have downloaded the firmware files and tried to upgrade as per the prescribed procedure but am not able to get through.
    Before Proceeding I have done the below…
    1. Turned off Antivirus
    2. Turned off Firewall
    3. Re-installed Samsung USB drivers.

    I do get Yellow in Odin after I select the files and click on start the process gets stuck at SetupConnection. Below is the log

    Enter CS for MD5..
    Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
    Please wait..
    BOOT_S5360DXKJ1_REV05.tar.md5 is valid.
    PDA_S5360DXKJ3_REV05.tar.md5 is valid.
    MODEM_S5360DXKJ1_REV05.tar.md5 is valid.
    GT-S5360-MULTI-CSC-OLBKJ2.tar.md5 is valid.
    Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
    Leave CS..
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:32)..
    File analysis..

    I Have tried changing USB ports , I am logged in as administrator… and have repeated the process several times.. Still the same…

    Please advise…

  136. neal….thanks a lot of instance responce…i haven’t checked this yet..but hope to be good….keep going

  137. neal….thanks a lot of instance responce…i haven’t checked this..but hope to be good….keep going