Save Battery on Android Phone by Enabling 2G Network

Toggle 2G Plugin-inHow many users complaint about low battery on their Android mobile phone? Mostly the battery consumption is due to the 3G network usage. Usually when you are on Wi-Fi network it’s useful whether you are on 3G or 2G, but if you are on 3G network it will consume battery more than its consumed while in 2G network. Also did you know most of the mobile in their network settings have options to set preferred network in which you can select 2G or 3G or dual-mode.

Toggle 2G App

Toggle 2G is an Android App which allows users to switch between 2G and 3G network mode. So if you are using 3G data network then you should be on 3G network and if you just connected with your mobile through your home Wi-Fi network or public Wi-Fi then why would you make your mobile go with 3G network, instead switch to 2G. This app does the work of switching or toggles between 2G and 3G network just like 0 and 1 in digital language.

Toggle 2G apps allows users to configurable which allows settings on when to switch to 2G in low battery, options for manual switching, settings for automatic switch in network.

This apps has the following features

  • Toggles to 2G if you are connected with Wi-Fi automatically
  • If screen is OFF for more than 5 minutes it will toggle to 2G network
  • If screen is OFF and battery is below 30 % it will be using 2G network after switching
  • It provides detailed network usage monitoring
  • Includes options for manual switching back to 3G

Toggle 2G Toggle 2G

Toggle 2G Download

The Toggle 2G app for Android can be download from Android Apps Lab which is the portal for downloading the best Android Apps available from various developers. This app is completely working on the settings and when you download this apps and run it, you will get the options as mentioned in the above screenshot.

Did you install and use the Toggle 2G app? Please let us know what your opinion about it? Does it really make an impact on battery consumption?

Android Advices Application Rating – 4 /5



  1. Fran

    September 2, 2011 at 9:31 am

    or you can press *#*#4636#*#* – Phone Information – GSM preferred and it only does 2G
    then when you get sick of how slow it is, do it all again and change it back to 3G

  2. Dilruk

    September 1, 2011 at 8:39 pm

    ** The Toggle 2G app is Required, this app does nothing on it’s own. **

    You guys should try these out before publishing incomplete details.

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