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Having an All in one Printer which has a Scanner and Copier Option has become a common feature in all homes and we are used to scanning copies on our own, and in case you do not have a Scanner at our place and do not want to go somewhere else and wait in the line to get your copies scanned we have just the thing for you – PDF Document Scanner which is a free app in Google Play store can be downloaded and installed on any Android device which has a camera.

pdf document scanner

This app turns your mobile phone into a Scanner and with this you can scan multiple documents and save them in the form of PDF on your phone and print them anytime you want. You can also turn saved images into PDF documents and open them in adobe later on.

With PDF Scanner you can easily Scan Document and save them as PDF file and store them on your SD card and also Rename the documents. From your phone or SD card you can easily Transfer it to your PC or Mac either directly or Email itPDF Document scanner has an added feature compared to Cam Scanner of letting us use the Camera Flash by giving a Bulb icon on the screen while capturing the photo which then activates the Flash on your phone to improve the lighting on the document below. You can click on the screen on the place where you want to focus to improve the clarity of the image.
Another added feature which makes it better than Camscanner is the option of sending finished PDF files to Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and other such applications.

Features of PDF Document Scanner:

  • Group Scan Documents: You can Scan Documents in groups and save them as multiple pages
  • Use Camera Flash: Now you can use Camera flash to get brighter images
  • Post Processing: You can increase the brightness and alter with the settings to get a clear document
  • Crop and Enhance image: you can Crop the image with the various Crop ratios available like Square, Custom, 2:3, 3:4 etc which can be used according to the type of document being scanned and align the document straight as we all know that with a camera we cannot take an exa
    ct straight image.

pdf document scanner crop ratios

  • Upload Directly: You can directly upload saved PDF files to Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and other such applications
  • Select Page Size: You can choose from a list of page sizes like A4, B5, Legal, Letter, Ledger etc

pdf document scanner page size

This is a great App and a good alternative to Camscanner with some additional features and with 1 million downloads this is a great app to scan and save your documents from. It requires Android 3.0 and later to be able to work on your android device.

You can download it here for Free from Google Play store: PDF Document scanner

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. AndroidStuff

    March 22, 2014 at 10:12 pm

    Looks great BUT 2 things that are COMPLETELY false. I have been using Camscanner for awhile. You’ve always been able to share it or send it to whatever or whoever you want via the usual suspects; Dropbox, Google Drive, email, the space time continuum, warp holes, that guy from the movie Jumper, and the tons of other options that pop up when you hit the “share” icon. **ALSO** it not only allows you to share, but you can log into your accounts like DB, GD etc and have them autoupload. In addition, the cam flash is also easily ready by simply tapping the little settings icon on the screen. This IS Android we’re talking about here, the system that is “easy share crazy” since Donut. Most Android apps that have sharing abilities, usually almost ALWAYS take advantage of its abilities. The only reason I could see to say these things are to either mis-lead on purpose, you’ve brevet actually used CamScanner, or you use an iPhone which doesn’t let you really share crap with anything.

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