Google Chrome Remote Desktop App for Android to control Windows, Mac from Phone

We have many apps on the play store that lets you to control the Mac, PC or Linux machines from your Android Smart phone, now Google has introduced a new Chrome Remote Desktop app on the Google Play for Android that will let you access your PC or Mac and will act as a Remote Desktop (RDP) and this new app will work similar to the Chrome Remote Desktop screen sharing service that was launched earlier by Google.

For accessing your PC or Mac from your Android device, you need to download a companion server application for the Mac or PC alongside the Chrome Web Store applications. After installing these applications you can have the access to the computer and you can see the desktop where you can have all the access on the files and folders from a distance.

Chrome Remote Desktop for Android

This type of application from Google was seen earlier this year also where an Android client was made available in source form. About the app, there are no tutorials given how we can operate and control the mouse but we can always head to the help menu for all other details. The controls are a bit tricky, if you want a left click just tap once but if you are trying the right clicks then you have to give a two finger tap on to it.

There are not many features bundled with this chrome Remote Desktop app as many other apps have various features like the file push, function buttons or media controls. To control you desktop or PC you need to zoom in to clearly see all the options and you can also zoom out if you wish too. However this app is a pretty good one considering it is official from Google and is available for free on the Google play store. So did you download this app? Will this app help you? Drop your comments below.

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