Steps to Convert Android Phone into a Modem with EasyTether

Easy TetherLast time we saw how you can tether your device with the help of PDANet, now we will see how you can tether your device with Easy Tether application. Easy tether transfers the same data plan which is currently on your device without any additional components and additional applications.

If we look at the feature list then you will be happy to hear that it doesn’t require root access which is relief for users who don’t want to root. Also it supports almost any version of OS like Windows, Mac or even Linux Ubuntu. With the help of Windows Internet Connection Sharing feature you can tether PS3, Xbox 360 and also Wii gaming consoles. Also it comes with USB support, Bluetooth DUN capability and also FREE lifetime upgrades for the full version available.

Easy tether

For downloading this app all you need to do is to just scan the QR Code which is shown below.

easy tether app QR Code

Alternatively, you can easytether_beta (Password : So, after installing easy tether app into your Android device don’t forget to share your experience. You can register the downloaded easy tether app by paying 10$ charge. But its recommended that you try the same before you buy this application to check whether this is compatible with your service provider or not.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Cirtex Review

    January 30, 2011 at 1:58 pm

    Easytether is a 3rd party app, but there are many Android high-end phones with the option of tethering the internet. But I didn’t get it, there is no trial version of the app for free? It says $10 as the app price.

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