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Tip : Capture Photos while Recording Videos on Galaxy Nexus

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is a wonderful handset which introduces the world’s first Ice Cream Sandwich update to Google’s Android operating system for mobiles and tablets. The capabilities and functionalists of ICS update are worth consider as it brings out entirely a new look. Coming to the camera section, it’s with feature rich and introduces the concept of time lapse video and taking panoramic photos. Along with that we will go through a tip by which you can capture photos even though the video recording is ON.

Galaxy Nexus : Take Photos During Video Recording

I am sure you might be missing with photos when you go with a video on your phone or camera. It was obvious until now but Galaxy Nexus phone by Google has changed the way we handle our smartphones. With a small tip you would be able to take the pictures even through your video recording is in the process. No, you don’t need to interrupt your video and at the end you will have both the video and the pictures using your Galaxy Nexus phone.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus CameraWhile you are recording the video using the rear camera, continuous tapping on the screen for about few seconds will take a picture of the screen which you are recording. The notification of the photo been taken during the video is shown in the red box around the viewfinder and this signifies that you are doing it perfectly right. One you will observe is that the results are not instant and photos will be shown a second later.

Galaxy Nexus with 5 mega pixel rear camera, the opinion of users may vary on the image quality of the photos but things will look better if you have 8 mega pixel camera. Thanks to Ice Cream Sandwich for working around two sets of possibilities within one function.

Stay updated with more news on Ice Cream Sandwich and on Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone tips.

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