How To Update Samsung Galaxy S2 GT I9100 to Gingerbread 2.3.5 Firmware

Galaxy S2 LogoThe wait for the Gingerbread 2.3.5 for Samsung Galaxy S2 GT I9100 is over, as you can now take out your Samsung Galaxy S2 phone for updating the same. This update comes as a great respite for all those 10 million Galaxy S2 handsets which Samsung has sold. Please note that this update of Gingerbread 2.3.5 is still not officially yet launched over the KIES but it’s the leaked beta version which is now being out. It was around a week back when Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 had got a Gingerbread 2.3.5 update.

This update of Gingerbread 2.3.5 is dubbed as XXKI3. Please note that anyone with their Galaxy S2 handset and irrespective of the current version can proceed with the updating with this firmware version. Also, this update is only applicable for all the Galaxy S2 phones with the model number as GT I9100 only, if you proceed to update this firmware to any other phones then you might just end up bricking up the phone.

As it’s a beta release, one can only update using the Odin flash tool and not with the help of the KIES. Also, there is no Estimated time of Arrival (ETA) on by when this update of Gingerbread 2.3.5 will arrive officially but it’s expected to arrive very soon worldwide. Adding to the simplicity, we have broken this article into separate pages wherein in the next page you will see the pre upgrade instructions and then followed by the instructions to update the Galaxy S2 GT I9100 with Gingerbread 2.3.5 version. Also, the new version of Gingerbread 2.3.6 is in the making for Samsung Galaxy S2, the same will be covered on as soon as it becomes available. Please note that since its a beta firmware and not the official firmware, we couldn’t provide the exact details on the change log but you can let us know if you find any changes in the comments section.

Positive Enhancements:

  • There have been substantial number of changes which have been done in this version which are mentioned below,
  • Elastic Scrolling along with the blue colored shade effect is now induced in this update, you can generally see this while accessing the menu and settings.
  • Android Market Place Application has been updated to the latest version of 3.1.5,
  • Swype version has been updated to the version 3.8.86,
  • Custom power saving as well as the system power saving modes have been added,
  • Battery is further tuned to give longer battery backup by a marginal 3 – 5 %.

Negative Enhancements:

  • Video GTalk feature still missing,
  • Some of them reported that JIG not being supported by this XXKI3 Firmware,

GT 9100 2..3.5

Rooting Information:
There have been lot of speculations when it comes to rooting, but you will be glad to hear that applying this update on your Galaxy S2 handset won’t in any manner will be rooting the handset. But just in case if you have rooted the phone then the rooting access will be revoked. So, to root the same again you will have to follow the rooting procedure again.

We will also soon come out with the procedure on how you can root Galaxy S2 GT I9100 on XXKI3 Gingerbread 2.3.5 firmware. Just in case if you wish to un root the device then this is the best firmware to apply with as this come up with the boot loader after applying with which you will be able to claim back the warranty with Samsung Electronics Ltd.

Please note that we should not be held liable or responsible in any manner if anything wrong happens to your device which is the most unlikely if you follow the instructions as prescribed in the due course of this article and also apply the mentioned update only on Samsung Galaxy S2 GT I9100.

Video Tutorial to Update:


  1. hey man thanx for the instruction
    but i have a problem after i did exactly what you written ,after the appearance of the (pass) in odin , the mobile just reboots and stuck on the SGS2 logo without any yellow triangle or anything , any solution for that?

  2. i’ve installed KI3 and now the keyboard only use AZERTY layout in french. How can i change it to QWERTY ??

  3. Model number GT-I9100
    Android version 2.3.3
    Baseband version I9100DDKE$
    Kernel version #2
    Build number GINGERBREAD.XWKF3

    Neal buddy please understand that im not much of a techie so it would be gr8 if u could help me through this. When i plug my device to the computer n connect to kies it says that the current firmware version is PDA:KF3 / Phone:KE4 / CSC:KF3 (INU). It shows the same for the latest firmware version as well.

  4. Hi neal,

    Should I plug in my phone cable before turn off the phone and open the “Odin” executable file?

  5. pls tell me the what the latest OFFICIAL firmware for Samsung Galaxy S II is in India. My phone is running Gingerbread 2.3.3 and Kies doesnt show any update. What could be the problem?

  6. the link aint workin

  7. MD5 is a check sum. It’s used to check to verify the file which has been downloaded is complete and accurate copy of the source. Clearly in this case it’s not.

  8. Hi Neal,

    Does this firmware support at Malaysia country?


  9. Hi,

    I just get the SAMSUNG GALAXY S2

    Android version 2.3.3
    Baseband Version: I9100BOKG1
    Kernel Version: root@DELL104#2
    Build Number: GINGEBREAD.BOKG2

    My phone is locketd on T-Mobile, I want to ask it is ok if i upload version 2.3.5 ?
    And if it`s ok are there going to be problems at updating?


  10. Hi Neal,

    I bought a Galaxy s II with Android version 2.3.3 model number GT-9100 Build number – Gingerbread.XWKE7.

    I have wandered across the internet in search of how I can root this phone. I am only getting instructions for rooting firmware version 2.3.5 Please let me know where I can get the instructions for rooting the phone without upgrading it.

    Thanks in advance.

  11. Hi I have a factory unlocked UK model GT-i9100 which is rooted. I live in Canada and I am using this on the rogers network. If i were to apply this update will the phone become locked? As i am looking to unroot this phone, but am afraid that it will lock the phone.

    Thanks for your response

  12. Hey Neal,

    do i need to root the phone before updating 2.3.5 or directly i can do it.
    i am using 2.3.3 currently.


  13. So this version is newer than XWKI8 right?

  14. *** PLEASE HELP ME ***
    i was doing these steps on galaxy sII and on the last step it said ” FAIL ! ” in red… and i paniced, didnt know what to do… so i removed the battery during the download mode, and now when i turn on my phone it keeps giving me a photo (MOBILE)–!–(PC) , like the connection interrupted or smthn… so whenever i try and turn it on i keep having this message… I CANT TURN IT ON ANYMORE ! :’( i dont want this stupid update, i just want my phone back !!! PLEASE HELP ME , if you can answer, PLEASE SEND ME A MESSAGE ON HOW TO DO THIS PROBLEM BY SENDING ME A MESSAGE TO i would really appreciate anyone who trys to help me :)

  15. correction: gt-9100

  16. hi, just a quick question…i’ve got a samsung galaxy sII gt-1900 with this info pda:ki4 phone:ki1 csc:ki2 and someone else in the fam has different info there…in kies, the other fam member gets an update to Android 2.3.5 wheres for me nothing pops up and still with 2.3.4…is that normal and if so why? thx in avdance

  17. hi

    evry thing was good but how do i put hebrew ,even gust to write not all the menu

    thanks in advanced

  18. i downloaded the firmware zip file but when i extracted it there are two files corrupted…

  19. Hi again NeaL,
    Just applied this firmware with Odin. Every thing went well, but when i connect to KIES with USB it shows as folowed:

    Your device dosn`t support software upgrading via KIES
    Current firmware version: I9100XXKI3/I9100OXAKI3/I9100XXKI3/I9100XXKI3

    Any suggestions why my device doesn`t support update via KIES?

  20. Thnx NeaL for response,
    But the problem is that i don`t know which was my official version :( Any suggestions how can i get one for my SG II??

  21. Cannot download the zip file!?!

  22. hi all
    as i reed the comments some of you don’t know if to check or not – re-partition button. if you watch the video on part 1 – which shows how to update the phone you can see clear that when u put the pit file – re-partition is checked. watch the video for yourself. so neal u said we don’t need to check – re-partition which si bad.

  23. Hi NeaL,
    Just upgraded my SGII with this “Official” firmware but when i connect to KIES it says:

    S/W version in your phone is not an official version
    Firmware upgrade of unofficial S/W version is not supported.
    Current firmare version: PDA:KI3 / PHONE:KI3 / CSC: KI3 (ODK)

    What is teh problem and how i can fix this?
    Thnx in advance

  24. Not able to download the installer zip file. Giving Server Time Out Errror. Please check.

  25. thank u neal
    ive done it.

  26. thank alot … i helped my firend to upgrade his baby galaxy s II .. and its done without any eroor …

    thank alot neal .. u rock man as alwayssss

    love u and your site

  27. After i update this firmware ,i m getting pink spot in my cam…..can it be fixed or how can i roll back to official firmware

  28. hey neal is this the official stock version?

  29. Hi Neal,

    Does it support hindi chatacters.

    Because XXKI8 supports hindi characters.

    Please confirm because i want to switch to XXKI3 since XXKI8 is jerky and has a battery life issue.


  30. Hello! I updated my phone to 2.3.5 version following the advice for manual updating that you provided. Everything works fine, except that I lost language support for Swype for my native language (Serbian). There was a support for it in the previous version that was installed by the mobile operator that the phone came from. I can’t find language pack that I need anywhere (I found several “swype.apk” files that offered Serbian, but none of them could be installed, I get “item not installed” message every time). So I switched to “SlideIt” and “Go keyboard”, that offer support for my language and they’re not bad at all – but not as good as Swype. I tried reverting system to android 2.3.3 (factory reset) to regain language support that I need, but it couldn’t be done, I’m still on 2.3.5. Can you please help? Thanks very much:)

  31. Can someone please answer this on wether to uncheck the Repartition box or not ?

    As baineteo states, when loading the PIT file the repartition box automatically checks but in the screen shots it’s unchecked.

    Please answer as i dont want to brick my phone.

  32. Can I update my S2 to XXKI8. Is it 2.3.5 or 2.3.6?

    What is the difference between XXKI3 and XXKI8?

  33. Hi Neal,

    I have tired to install Criskelo ROM v22 custom firmware to my S2 XXKI3 2.3.5. First time, it was OK.
    But some of the widgets are lost. So I reinstalled XXKI3 with odin to my phone. When I installed Criskelo ROM to my S2 second time, that can’t be installed.

    After flashing the ROM from CWM, installation is completed. But my phone is stuck at the yellow triangle logo state.

    What shall I do?
    How can I install Criskelo ROM to my phone?

  34. Can I downgrade my s2 to XXKG6 firmware version? If it can be done, how will I do?
    Although I’ve tried with odin, it didn’t work.

  35. Hi Neal !

    I am struck in betweek when try to upgrade to above mention Gingerbread 2.3.5 Firmware version

    I am in Bangkok and have bought my Samsung S2 here in Thailand.

    Samsung GT-I 9100 T
    Android version : 2.3.3
    Baseband version : I9100TDCKF1
    Kernel Version:
    Build number: GINGERBREAD.DDCKH2

    On Mobile Shows:
    –Applied Multi-CSC…
    Installing Multi-CSC
    Can’t access to ‘/system/csc/THL/system/’.
    successfully applied multi-CSC.

    On Pc Shows:

    Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
    Please wait..
    CODE_I9100XXKI3_CL577579_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5 is valid.
    MODEM_I9100XXKI3_REV_02_CL1062028.tar.md5 is valid.
    GT-I9100-CSC-MULTI-OXAKI3.tar.md5 is valid.
    Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
    Leave CS..
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:7)..
    File analysis..

    It stops after. I waitied for 15 min still the same.

    Kindly reply how i should proceed or where i was wrong.

    Thanks for your valuable time.

  36. After updating from 2.3.5 the phone is constantly switching between 3g and H+?? Please help any ideas? Everything else seems to be ok.

  37. gingerbread 3.3.5 isn’t downloading.
    what can i do?

  38. what version is this… wipe-out or non-wipe version…???

  39. why the “ID:COM block” doesn’t appear on my pc screen???

  40. I updated to 2.3.5 from 2.3.3 and I have problems with connection, it keeps switching between 3g and H+ which never used to happen before I always get H+. I’m with Bell in Vancouver and it also changed my model number to gt-i9100 instead of gt-i9100m what it used to be.

  41. hi ..everyone .. i have serious problems using 2.3.3 . cant add the google account, cant download from android market, cant open google maps apps . i tried everything , hard reset , reboot,wipe all cached data.. but no result. so i decided to update android version which is not available via kies … i bought this phone in chinese market …

    phone model: samsung GT-I9100
    Baseband version: I9100XXKE7
    Kernel version: root@DELL145#2
    Build number: GINGERBREAD.DXKG4

    so can i take this update using your procedure ??? or any other update version??? please advice …its driving me crazy .. thanks in advice ……

  42. Updated!

    Thanks! :)

  43. You told people to follow instructions but you didn’t specify to if the “Repartition”, “Auto-reboot” and “F. Reset Time” boxes should be checked or unchecked (FYI, loading the PIT file automatically checks the “repartition” box. And your screen shot for Odin isn’t even the same as the one included in the zip file). Thumbs down for that.

    • Can someone please answer this on wether to uncheck the Repartition box or not ?

      As baineteo states, when loading the PIT file the repartition box automatically checks but in the screen shots it’s unchecked.

      Please answer as i dont want to brick my phone.

  44. You told people to follow instructions but you didn’t specify to check or uncheck “Repartition”, “Auto-reboot” and “F. Reset Time”. Thumbs down for that.

  45. Hi Neal,

    I am not able to flash KH3 custom rom after flashing KI3 rom. After flashing KH3, I get cache filesystem mount error and phone does not boot, so I flashed KI3 back, but the battery backup is very less.

    Please let me know the procdure to flash KH3 back again.

    Thanks in advance!!!


  46. Will this update allow the galaxy s2 to be updated through klies in the future?

    I am on:

    Baseband: I9100XXKG2
    Build Number: Gingerbread.XXKG2

    I updated to this previoulsy using Odin so it doesn’t allow me to check firmware through klies.


  47. Hi,
    I already update my phone using this version. But, I want to go back to XXKH3 version
    I flashed it using XXKH3 package and folllow the instruction correctly
    But, after the phone reboot, the update can’t be executed and it stuck on booting page
    Do you have procedure for firmware downgrade from XXKI3 to XXKH3?

  48. 2.3.5 update is in progress and progress bar in mobile phone is almost near 90%… but it is not moving for the last 20-25 mins now… Odin progress shows data.img. will there be any problems ?

  49. hi,
    will the official version be put up soon? thanks

  50. hi,
    are you going to put the official version up or just the beta version? thanks

  51. hi
    is there going to be an official version of 2.3.5 posted here or just the beta version? thanks

  52. Hi,

    Just updated my SGS2 today 6 oct, with latest KIES, to version 2.3.4 PDA:KI4 /PHONE:KI1 /CSC:KI2 (AUT)
    On phone Version Android 2.3.4 Base band XXKI1, Kernel version 2-6-35-7-I9100XWKI4, Version Nr Gingerbread.XWKI4

    How can I root it again ?


  53. Hi,

    Just updated today 6 oct. my SGS2 with latest KIES to version 2.3.4 PDA:KI4 / PHONE:KI1 / CSC:KI2 (AUT)
    On the phone it say version 2.3.4 base XXKI1.

    How can I root it again ?

    Best regards

  54. Dear Neal
    I had updated to 2.3.4 from your website to the Korean version, (kept my phone unrooted) do I now fall under the custom rom category? Thanks for your time

  55. On 2.3.3 KG2 T-Mobile (UK) but already unlocked it.
    Just updated successfully to 2.3.5 yesterday. The Build number is somehow different from your screenshot; it displays GINGERBREAD.XXKI3.

    No more T-Mobile start logo and camera shutter sound can be turned off. Very clear procedures; only took about 15 minutes to finish all processes, many thanks!

    Just a quick question, since Kies recognises it as unofficial firmware so is Odin the only way to update to the next firmware version?


  56. Not able to download the installer zip file. Giving Server Time Out Errror. Please check.

  57. Hi, I have problem trying to get my phone connected to Kies (latest one), anyone had this problem before. I’d like to update my S2 to 2.3.5 but stuck with this problem.

    Uninstalled/re-installed several times, unplugged and plugged in again and again, try different ways but still Kies not possible to find my phone.

    Any advice please.

  58. Am on 2.3.3 and keen to update. Will this wipe all my aps and data?

  59. is there ad hoc network support in this new update?
    earlier in the unofficial vrsion of 2.3.5 thy were saying that it supports ad hoc wifi network!

  60. Hi

    I don’t fully understand the whole “Baseband/Build/Kernel” but would like to flash to this firmware.
    Does the baseband version have anything to do with which firmware-versions you can flash to?

    I am currently on
    Android: 2.3.3
    Baseband I9100NEKF2
    Kernel: #22
    Build: Gingerbread.XWKF4

    Is it possible to flash to 2.3.5 with these stats?

  61. Does this change my phone’s language to English? Using 2.3.4 i9100xxki1. Also if this does change my phone’s language, is there anyway to root my current version?

  62. I couldn’t get my xp to recongize the my s2 phone when in downloaded mode. my xp asked me to find the driver for usb device. what could I do?

    Because of that my Odin3 never get to “yellow”.

  63. somehow the last versions has all been unstable. when it works it works just wow. but the major problem is i dont realise when my phone has just switched itself off. work on this neal. theres a lot of info that we carry on the phone. it has to be stable

  64. I flashed with this binary but the battery life has been reduced after flashing…
    Can I go back to XWKH4, battery life is better in XWKH4.

    Please reply soon!!!

    • yes you can go back to any version!

      • Hi Neal,
        Can you plz let me know the procedure to go back to the XWKH4?
        I tried to do so by following same procedure published on this website, but after flashing when phone goes into the recover mode, phone is not able to mount file system and cache, resulting no phone bootup.

        Plz let me know the procedure to go back to any of the 2.3.4 binaries.

        Thanks in advance!!!

  65. Hi, i was unable to get the phone to download mode when i press volume down, home and power button. Do i need to do the step (Special Instructions to users on Custom ROMs: ? “Wipe data / factory reset” and then followed by the option of “Wipe Cache Partition”. )?

  66. Hey Neal.. I would like to install HTC Sense 3.0 on my Galaxy S2.. i need your help.. can you please tell me the procedure for that..

  67. I downloaded the zip file on September 26 it doesn’t ask for password. FYI

  68. Andrew van Niekerk

    Guys I’m stressed! I started the odin procedure but now it is stuck on 95% complete with the data file. What now?? Do I leave it or do disconnect? It has been stuck here for about 10 minutes already

  69. hello neal…. just wanna ask… i need to tick or select the “re-partition” option (odin) before proceeding to this update…..???

  70. Hello someone
    where can I find this update?

  71. Gingerbread 2.3.5 update for galaxy the mobile does not get detected by the computer and the yellow light in ODIN does not get activated. please help

  72. Hi

    I am on the following release on SGS2
    Android Version : 2.3.3
    Baseband version: I9100DDKE4
    Kernel Version:
    Build Number: GINGERBREAD.XWKF3

    Can I upgrade to this 2.3.5 version by following your instructions. Hope it wont brick my phone.
    Please confirm.
    Also would I loose my warranty or it stays intact ?


  73. finally…2.3.5 has arrive…..

  74. I have this updated , its laggy and doesnt not support video and voice chat on GTalk, its actually much slower(34) than XWKI4 european firmware had many apps force close on this 2.3.5 update.

    Dont recommend it if you want a better and faster samsung galxy S 2.

    I am back to dlev Rom(Awesome custom Rom by a 16yr old kid, fast and snappy) based on gingerbread 2.3.4.

  75. sir,
    Shall i update my sgs2 currently on kh4 2.3.4 gingerbread?
    Thank you

  76. hi,

    you have mentioned to use PIT file, without the re-partion option checked….but it shld go hand in hand rihgt…… the PIT file selection is necessary to update to 2.3.5…pls confirm….

  77. Hello

    Can I still make use of the custom Litening ROM after this update or, this version is better than this cutom ROM?

    Thanks to clear my doubt…

  78. Hello

    Can I still make use of the custom Litening ROM after this update?


  79. screen shows darky rom. this is not stock fw?

  80. Do Virgin(Oz) pre-install what you would classify as a “Special Instructions to users on Custom ROMs:” ??

  81. hi so during the update it stopped at the “DATAF” so i followed the instruction to turn off my computer to restart my whole procedures. But now when i try to update it again it doesnt let me

    MD5 hash value is invalid
    CODE_I9100XXKI3_CL577579_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5 is invalid.

  82. hi so during the update it stopped at the “DATAF” so i followed the instruction to turn off my computer to restart my whole procedures. But now when i try to update it again it doesnt let me
    this is what it shows in the box message

    MD5 hash value is invalid
    CODE_I9100XXKI3_CL577579_REV02_user_low_ship.tar.md5 is invalid.

  83. neal… is this a final version???

  84. Hi Neal,
    Does this firmware supports arabic?

  85. is this really stable, mate?