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Top 20 Most Popular Android Smart Phones Q1 2014 – USA China & World Wide

In 2014 there have been many Smart Phones launched by manufacturers and Antutu Labs which has been a great resource for checking the benchmarks of these devices through their android app has released some information on the Top 20 Smart Phones world wide and also region wise. The most interesting part of this information is that a brand like Xiaomi is on the Top of the charts being even Samsung. Samsung has a total of 7 smart phones in the top list along with 6 devices from Xiaomi followed by brands like Sony & HTC.

Worlds Top 20 Popular Android Phones

There are a few more infographics and charts below which show the same data but region wise and the numbers are quite unexpected. In case of China where Xioami is leading we found that it had 50% share in the list followed by Samsung Galaxy S4 while S5 is not in the list because it was launched in the month of April and these numbers are for the Quarter one ie January to March 2014.

China Top Android Phones

Its a surprise that in the USA, the results are quite different because the brand Xioami is not available in US and the markets are mainly dominated with the Nexus Series of devices primarily for the Non-Contract pricing which is very low when compared to other flagship Smart Phones. Out of the 10 devices in the list, we find 4 Nexus Phones followed by the Galaxy Note series from Samsung which has a total of 5 devices in the list. Clearly in the US, Asus and Samsung are leading the charts with these numbers as shown below.

USA Top Android Phones

Overall we found that Samsung is leading globally while in the Chinese markets its Xiaomi which is leading the charts. We would update these numbers for the current quarter after 3 months and check out which brand is leading or dominating the markets. Do make a note that these numbers are from Antutu Benchmarks V4 and not from any market research agency.

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