Get 4G LTE Service on Motorola Xoom with 4G Data Plan

A month back, the Motorola Xoom tablet users received a major update from 3G to 4G LTE and Verizon has confirmed that Motorola Xoom is now 4G LTE upgradeable. Well if you have upgraded your Motorola Xoom then it’s well and good and try out new things but for those who haven’t upgraded, then are missing something.

Xoom 4G Update

The Motorola Xoom would be among those few tablets which receives the hardware update and as we know the Motorola Xoom is a powerful Honeycomb tablet and its still among the top Android tablets.

You can use your Verizon 4G LTE capable SIM card on your Motorola XOOM and experience some of the amazing faster internet speed. That will attract most of the users but as this is the first instance of 4G LTE on tablets Motorola is experience some bugs in testing it. The users have reported that when they use 4G LTE on their tablet they are not able to receive calls and we hope that Motorola will soon fix this.

The results in future would be better and why not have a go with superfast lightning speed of 4G LTE from Verizon.

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