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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge – How To Activate Geo News Safety Assistance Feature

Here’s a useful guide for activating and using ‘Geo News’ safety assistance feature on Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. Geo News is a location-based service that alerts you to severe weather conditions and incidents in your area. In an urgent situation, you can call your primary contacts or send text messages with your approximate location.


You can turn them on, but also toggle on notification pop-ups that will notify you more sternly when they’re important enough. Geo News sources its information from Weathernews Inc. (Korea and Japan), CMA/CENC (China) and The Weather Channel (Global Regions).

Steps to Set Up the Geo News on your handset

Step 1 Go to the Settings.

Step 2 Select Safety assistance.

safety assistance

Step 3  A notification appears if you haven’t set any emergency contacts. Touch Add in the Enable Safety assistance pop-up message. Follow the on-screen instructions for adding a primary contact.

Step 4 Select Geo News.

geo news
Step 5 Press Download.

Step 6 Press Free > Accept and download.

Note –

  • Skip steps 5 and 6 if “Geo News” is pre-installed on your handset.
  • Repeat steps 1, 2 and 4 after download is complete

Step 7 Touch the slider to turn ON the Geo News.

turn on

Step 8 Go through the terms and conditions, mark the checkbox to agree, and press OK.

Step 9 Go through the information about using Geo News and touch OK.

Step 10 Mark the Geo News notification pop-ups checkbox to receive warnings as pop-ups on your Home screen

Steps to Access the Geo News on your handset

 Step 1  From the Home screen, swipe left until you see the Geo News widget.

geo news widget

Note – If you removed the widget, touch and hold the Home screen, and then touch Widgets at the bottom of the screen. Touch and hold the Geo News widget, position it on an available screen, and release it.

Step 2  Press the Geo News widget.

geo news display

 The above is an screenshot of the screen that displays.

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