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Activate and Use Knock Code Security Feature on LG G Pro 2

Knock Code is the new feature in the LG phones, which was recently announced when the G Pro 2 was made official during the Mobile World Congress 2014 event. The Knock Code takes the security to the level ahead from what it was when Pattern and PIN unlock were the options available. Knock On was another feature in the LG phones, i.e. in high-end devices such as LG G2, where a double tap on the screen would activate the display, and then you can unlock it. But with Knock Code, it isn’t about activating the screen but also unlocking it with a security pass.

LG G Pro 2 Knock Code

How to use Knock Code

When activated, you will see an empty space in the lock screen where you have to tap the screen in particular pattern which you set, for the G Pro 2 to recognize that and unlock the screen for you. It can be a combination from 4 to 8 continuous taps in the way you can remember always to unlock the screen. Check below for the guide explaining how you can activate this feature and set it up.

To set up the Knock Code feature on your LG G Pro 2, you need to go to:
Settings > Display > Home & Lock > Lock Screen. In the lock screen settings, you will find the option “Select screen lock” tapping which you get the various lock screen options. Tap on Knock Code and you will be sent to the settings of Knock Code.

Here, you will have to use a combination of the pattern for tapping in the four blocks, and a total of 8 times, you can tap for a sequence. Once the sequence is done, you need to proceed with the same once again and then have to set a backup key so that you have an option to unlock the screen if the Knock Code is forgotten and you have no option to unlock the screen.

LG G Pro 2 Knock Code Settings

Once you set that up and lock the screen, you will notice a small blank space in the bottom half of the screen and above it, the message “Tap knock code sequence to unlock”. Tap the sequence there, assuming that the area has four sections. If at all you are not able to unlock with this, the backup pin which you set should be helpful, and it would show only when you have a few failed attempts of unlocking with the Knock Code.

LG G Pro 2 Knock Code Setup

This is one of the best locking systems, and even better than the Face Unlock which has a flaw that someone with your photo can unlock the screen but with Knock Code, you can have an 8-tap sequence and make the security even harder.

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