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Add Real Time Effects to Video Recorded on Android Phones with Videocam Illusion App

You video remains just a normal video if you don’t add any effects. To make it interesting you need to add the right effects at right time which inturn makes your video creative. Unlike yester years, you can now do most of the video editing on your phone itself and real time effects doesn’t require the knowledge of Photoshoot anymore. Its possible on your Android smartphone as well and here we are discussing it about the Videocam Illusion Android app available for all Android smartphone which has a rear side camera. Videocam Illusion is a dedicated Android application which allows you to add real time effects to the video that you record.

Videocam Illusion is among those only Android applications which record the videos combining with various effects and providing you amazing editing software. While recording a video you have many options to show with which includes from adding maze, effects, mask and filter. The videos that you record using the Videocam illusion are stored inside the SD card in the “Videocamillusion” folder.

As soon as you install this application on your mobile phone and run it, you will be directly taken to the camera recording. You are just a tap away to start recording of the videos and this app opens the videos in 352 x 288 pixel video screen size which is the recommended one. This is the ideal for all the average phones and if you have high end smartphones then I would suggest you to change the video camera resolution first because since your phone is the high end one, you no longer would be interested in small size videos.Videocam Illusion

Change of resolution can be done by going through the settings, click on the Rear Camera – resolution and Front camera – resolution.Videocam Illusion Resolution

Not just that the settings options has various other settings of front camera mirror, tap on screen to focus, volume keys to change the preset, save audio track, video quality, multi threading optimizations, delete video thumbnails cache and the version history.Videocam Illusion Settings

No when you are done return back to the app home screen where in on the right side top you will see star icon. This option is to load the filter, effect and the mask.Videocam Illusion Filters home

There are 6 filters available from mono, color, chicago, pencil, thermal & x-ray and you can choose any.Videocam Illusion Filter

You can record videos with five effects from blur, fat, mosaic, light tunnel & pinch.Videocam Illusion Effect

And can apply 4 masks of 8mm, cork board, bricks & white border.Videocam Illusion mask

You can also proceed with two different recording speeds of normal & fast video record. If you are looking for camera effects on to your mobile phone then try out Camera Illusion directly from the save developer and option to switch from this app to camera illusion is directly available on the app interface as well.

Videocam Illusion Android App Download

Videocam illusion Android application can be easily downloaded from Android Apps Labs for free. To download it directly on to your mobile phone, you need to visit the Android Apps Labs page listing of Videocam illusion from your phone browser and then click on Install button to automatically proceed with the installation.

Alternatively, Videocam illusion can be installed using the QR Code shown below. You need to open the QR code scanner application on your mobile phone and face the rear side camera to the following QR code –

Videocam QR


Certainly among those few application which provides real time effects to the videos that you take. We highly recommend it to all the users.

Android Advices Application Rating – 4.25 / 5

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