Android for Blind Users with Voice Synthesis & Touch Navigation

Mobile AccessibilityThe assistive technology for blind people is increasing. Technologies have been emerged in screen readers, magnifiers and narrators which enable the blind persons to use computer appliances. One of such thing that they can feel to work is the Android development through the Android App available for them.

Mobile Accessibility is an Android app which is designed for blind only. This app is basically a screen reader which allows you to get out of the normal or native Android interface of your mobile in a way which is suitable for the blind to understand. Although it’s a paid app, buts it’s available for free download to the users for a 30 days evaluation period of this app. After then they need to purchase the pack.

This app uses screen access application allowing people who are blind or have low vision to use various applications on Android phone in an easy and simple ways. This app is suitable for various applications like Phone, contacts, SMS, Alarm, Calender, email, web, Apps and Settings.

The app has the following advantages –

  • You can make call, answer calls and manage call logs.
  • You can manage your contacts, including from social networks too.
  • You can read SMS, compose and manage conversations.
  • Setting up alarms.
  • You get web browser experience at its best including faster navigation and bookmark of your favorite webpages
  • You can manage calendar on your Android from create, edit and delete calendar entries.
  • Provides full access to your mail client like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail.
  • Known where you are located on your GPS application.
  • Access the list of apps on your Android phone.
  • Change of ringtone, profile.
  • Configure keyboard echo, speech pitch and rate.
  • Access date and time, phone status information such as battery level and network coverage, missed calls and unread messages, etc.

Mobile Accessibility Mobile Accessibility Mobile Accessibility

Mobile Accessibility Download

Mobile Accessibility app can be downloaded from Android Apps Labs. This app supports Android 2.1 and higher version of it.



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