Android Customisation 101 – Changing Wallpapers

The first thing you will probably want to do after purchasing your new Android is to do some basic customization. This starts with changing the wallpaper. Sure, the wallpaper that comes with the phone may be nice and shows off the resolution and colour range of the display. However, we all want something that is uniquely us when we are customising a device. You have a few options in this regard. You can search the web for something to set as the wall paper or you might have a range of wall papers already set into the phone – however these are likely to be fairly generic things such as flowers or scenic vistas. For those of us who prefer something a little edgier, we will want something like a pirate flag or a liger.

Android Customisation 101 – Changing WallpapersSo we want a picture of a liger. We will need to do a web search to find the right picture or we will have to dig up a picture from our computer. It is easy enough to transfer a file from our computer using a USB cable. It is equally as easy to get an image from the internet. Just search the web on your phone, press the image you want to save until the menu shows up and save the image. Now go through the gallery app, select the image and set it as wall paper. Simple really – however you don’t have to go through the gallery to change the wall paper. Your phone should have the option to change the wall paper through your generic phone options.

You might want to keep a theme going. The phone is likely to have a range of themes at your disposal. Choose the theme and customise it. I prefer using one of the phones generic themes and then altering the back ground image. It is pretty easy to do and keeps a theme going in the phone. The theme may center on a colour scheme or a specific topic. You can also download new themes for most Android phones out there. Because most companies utilise their own interface scheme it is worth having a good look around for a theme that suits you then customising it. You will be able to change the colors of specific interface items with the majority of Android phones on the market.

Depending on the version of Android the phone utilizes you might have different options available. If you have an older Android version then you might be a little more limited in regards to customizing the interface. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t set the wall paper to something that represents what you want it to represent. Consider the phone an extension of your personality or abilities. You want to make the phone speak volumes of what you represent. This sounds a little cheesy – but why else do we want to customise everything? So, it is a pretty easy way to customise your phone and likely the first thing you will want to alter when you get your new phone.

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