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Android – Get Google Maps with Navigation (Beta), Places, and Latitude

Google Maps LogoGone are the days when people used to carry the paper maps with them to reach destination, now generation has moved on and all thanks to Google Maps for making things easier as you can now carry Maps right in your Pocket or in other words right in to your Mobile phone. We know that Google Maps was launched very long time back but with constant updates this app is creating ripples in the world of portable maps. In the latest version of version 4.6 by Google Maps there’s a whole new level of exploration as this new edition comes now with place pages in mobile app which gives the feel of desktop maps.

Google Maps on mobile

In the latest version of Google Maps, you will find the new filters for search results combined with the altered feature of earlier distance and rating to what’s in neighborhood and establishment where you are currently located in. With lot of problems for people who were on Eclair before and considering the fact that Maps now works just brilliantly in Froyo 2.2 update and packed with the new release of Google Maps 4.6 you have a reason to cheer as this also comes with Latitude providing quicker updation of location information in a real time manner.

Google Maps QR Code

Most of the users might have already got the update but for people who haven’t tried or haven’t installed the update then what are you waiting for, all you need to do is to just pick up your Android device, head to Android Market Place and search for Google Maps to download, install and enjoy or you can also scan the above mentioned QR Code for direct download of Google Maps.

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