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Android Q&A – Upgrade to Galaxy Nexus just for Ice Cream Sandwich is worth the Money?

Question :

Hey Amit .. I am using a Samsung Galaxy S I9000 and I am looking forward to buy the Samsung Galaxy Nexus from Google which is supposed to be the first and best Android Ice Cream Sandwich device in the market. Do you think it is worth the money I am going to spend for an all new mobile phone for Ice Cram Sandwich? What else does the Galaxy Nexus have in it that it is so special?

I have also been going through some posts which mention I can put Ice Cream Sandwich in my phone but that involves some rooting process which will make my warranty go invalid. Is that advisable to do?

and Will my Galaxy S phone get Ice Cream Sandwich from Samsung?

Thanks, Mohit.


Hello, Mohit. The Galaxy S from Samsung is indeed one of the most powerful smartphones which initially came out and thus has a powerful developer community which has enabled to experience Ice Cream Sandwich Android OS on your phone, by building Custom ROMS. As of date, there aren’t any ROMs for your phone which is originally Ice Cream Sandwich, these ones available on the forums will give you the closest experience to the original Ice Cream Sandwich Android, but not exactly that.¬†There might be a lot of missing features here and there but most of it will look like Ice Cream Sandwich. And to know more about rooting, check this post.

Upgrading to the Galaxy Nexus just for Ice Cream Sandwich wouldn’t be worth the money at all. But considering that you are upgrading to the Galaxy Nexus, it is just not Android 4.0 ICS which you get. There are lots more features on the hardware side like a much bigger and a gorgeous screen, better processing and graphics capabilites and much more. With all this powerful hardware combined with Ice Cream Sandwich, the Android experience is one of the best and the most powerful experience yet which you will really enjoy.

So don’t think again, if you are ready to get the Galaxy Nexus, go ahead and get the phone.



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