Android Tip : Get SMS, Call & Battery Notifications on Desktop

If you work and move around from your phone in your home then getting notifications of important calls or SMS when you are away will be helpful to you. If you are like me who constantly sits before PC and works out for many hours on the web, sometimes I threw my mobile at nearby places and sometimes I keep them in silent mode. Whatever maybe the circumstances, if your miss calls during the time when it should be answered. Something like receiving notification on your laptop or PC would intimate you of the notifications.

Remote NotifierYou should make use of Remote Notifier Android application to send those notifications on your PC. The notification such as SMS, incoming call, battery notifications, warnings are sent on to your desktop PC over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth or using USB which will be added in future. For event that happens on your Android devices the notifications are been sent. Once this application on the desktop and mobile is installed you need to provide certain inputs to this app. It will ask for type of notifications, what to notify for details, provide them and have a go.

Don’t worry of the battery on your devices as it consumes little resources whether there is no event is happening and you don’t need to kill this application when you don’t require, of course there is no harm if your close this app, simply it will not work until you start the app again.

Remote Notifier Remote Notifier

This application is quite useful for those who wear noise cancelling headphones and for those have the habits of keeping the cell phone in their bags. This will be a good substitute for notifications for those people who keep their phone on vibrate mode in meeting and still wanted to get notified of what’s happening on their phone.

Remote Notifier Download

For successful working of the notification, you should install Remote Notifier on your Android phone and also the corresponding desktop application which is use. The Remote Notifier Android application can be downloaded from Android Apps Labs for free at Android Apps Labs. From your mobile phone open Android Apps Labs and then visit the Remote Notifier description page, click on Install to automatically proceed with the installation. Once installed you would be ready to use it.

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