Android Web Browsing Tips

Depending on the browser you have installed on your Android enabled phone you are going to be wondering how to do a few fairly generic tasks. Many people wonder how to do things like saving images while surfing the web, or completing forms and even saving files. The most important thing to keep in mind however; is that you should make use of your Android device to surf the internet. Most mobile plans come with some form of data limit inclusive in the plans cost. If you are not utilizing this you are doing yourself a grave disservice. Get your monies worth and because the Android operating system eats up web tasks – you might find yourself sitting in front of the television at night using your phone rather than a net book or tablet device.

Web browsing tips

Saving images from the internet is a snap with most of the browsers available for the Android platform. Most Android phones have a media gallery application and they search all storage media on the phone for relevant file extensions so you need not concern yourself overly with where the image is saved. To actually save an image you find on the internet just press the image for a few seconds until a menu pops up. You are likely to be presented with a range of options, just look for the save image option, hit it and your done. Now you can use the aforementioned app to find the image and use it for whatever (like using it as a desktop image).

You are not limited with just viewing images however. You can browse flash based movies and use websites that allow you to save videos to download them to your phone. I won’t give out the specific sites; just do a Google search on ‘save YouTube videos’ and you will be given a list of sites which allow you to do it. In fact there are apps out there that allow you to save the file but I won’t list them here. Because copy and paste commands are built into the Android operating system core you can copy the link to the video, paste it into the site and get presented with a link to download the video – therefore saving your data allowance for more pressing things, such as checking your email or chatting.

Because Android has Flash 10.1 support you can also use your phone to play Flash games. This is a massive bonus over the iPhone – where you actually have to pay to download new games. Now you just need to go forth to a Flash gaming website and you can play a multitude of games for nothing (besides the cost of the download). Not all browsers handle Flash well so play around with a few browsers to find the best one for gaming. Nobody said you can’t install more than one browser on your phone either. Because there are so many options out there you are encouraged to play around and find the best browser for your needs.



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