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Antivirus & Firewall Security for Android Devices with Disk Encryption

SophosWith rising security threats and growing demands for the need of end point protection and data security are growing and so does Sophos comes forward and launches a mobile control which is mainly designed and is developed for smart phones like Android. This product comes with Sophos Anti-virus, Sophos Client Firewall and Sophos Disk Encryption which protects from threats and provides the disk encryption.

Basically, the SOPHOS secures the smart phones by centrally configuring all the security settings and then also it enables the lock down of unwanted features. With strong set of password and security policy it can even control the installation of apps, blocking use of cameras, browsers like You Tube etc. Also, additionally you can easily secure the access to the corporate mail by setting up the registered devices to access the mail.

Sophos Mobile control secures the mobile devices by centrally configuring security settings and enabling lock down of unwanted features. The features like strong password policy and lock period, control and installation of applications and blocking usage of cameras and browsers will help in enabling the enforcement of consistent security policies.

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I’am sure you would surely want to get this product but hold on as this product is expected to get launched in the market by Q2’11. This product is currently under the beta release and hopes to get launched very soon. After the arrival of this product, the other antivirus products which are already there in the market have to upgrade their offerings to the customer as this product scores a big plus if compared to other security products which are already there.


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