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Best App to Create Ringtones and Alarm Sound on Android

Ringdroid LogoAndroid operating system offers so many customizability options, accessibility options and overall flexibility for us that we can now perform most of the important tasks right away on the go, thus in the coming future we will witness vast variety of Android phones which can beautifully handle most of our work without the need personal computer. The best part is that the advancement in the processors is allowing us to not only use lots of applications but now it also allows developers to adequately use the resources and develop much better and efficient applications. But normally not everyone can afford high end phones and thus leads to limitation on usage. Well for this very reason most of the developers design applications in order to support most of the Android versions like 1.5, 1.6, 2.1 and up. One such very interesting and useful application is Ringdroid, this application can help you make ringtones by editing music files and save the files as per requirement. So we can now very efficiently create ringtones and alarm sound right on our Android phones.

RingdroidRingdroid Record New

There are many applications on the Android Market app store but this one here is the original and highly appreciated. The application UI is very simple but most importantly application performance brings out the uniqueness. We can edit music files to make ringtones, alarm tones, notification tones and can also be used to remove unwanted parts from a music file. Apart from all of this we can also record a sound clip and edit it accordingly to remove unwanted parts from that particular sound clip. The newly created file can be saved onto SD card very easily. The file formats that are supported by this application are MP3, AAC/MP4 (including unprotected iTunes music), WAV and 3GPP/AMR. The scrollable waveform UI is very simple in handling and accurate in usage, once a part of a music file is selected using the starting and ending pointers we can tap the screen in order to play the selected music part, this results in faster editing of music files. Finally we can directly assign the edited file to a particular contact.

For Android Version 1.6 and up:

Using QR code:
Use the QR code below. To scan the QR code use Neo Reader or any other bar code scanning program. Neo Reader can be downloaded from the market or follow the link
QR for Ringdroid
Simply scan the QR code by directing your Android phone camera to the code through the barcode / QR code scanning program.
Using Android apps labs:

For Android Version 1.5 and up: Download and extract the zip file with password

Android Advices App Ratings: 4.7 / 5

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