App to Send Multiples Files as Email Attachment on Android

There is lot of difference between using Gmail on your Android phone and Gmail on your PC or laptop. The default Gmail application on your Android mobile phone allows attaching only pictures whereas the Gmail on your PC allows you to attach any files but still keeps the limit of maximum file size attachment as 25 Mb. But our main aim is to have a Gmail just like what it is capable.

With Attachments [Gmail Attach] a specially designed Android application breaks the restriction on your handset and allows you to share any file with your friends and family members.

Once you install this application, you don’t need to do anything. Visit Gmail on your Android mobile phone and compose a mail. To attach file to a mail, click on Menu and among the options select ‘Attach‘. The following result will come to you (remember that generally without this application pictures folder comes up) –

Attach files in GmailI just browsed the various files which can be attachment and so I browsed to audio files and try to attach few, I was able to do it.

Attach FilesUsing this application I was able to successfully install an mp3 song, an apk file and other file easily without any restrictions.

Testing Attachments

Attachment [Gmail Attach] Download

Attachment [Gmail Attach] Android application can be downloaded on your Android mobile phone easily by visiting Android Apps Labs on to your mobile phone and tap on ‘install‘ button. This application is free to use.

Android Advices Application Rating – 4.5 / 5



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