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How to Automatically Update the Android Applications

Updates are everywhere. Whether it’s software or the hardware or the firmware. The updates are the ways to keep them updated. These updates may fix the bugs that need to be fixed as that of their previous versions or they add new features. The Apps on Android phone gets updates regularly depending on the developers work. Regardless of the new features available or not, you always want to keep your apps up to date.

Auto updating

The following is the procedure on how you should automatically get the updates of your favorite apps which are installed on your Android –

  • Here is the procedure on how you would automatically update your Android Apps that you have downloaded through apps.
  • You need to go to the Market and then select the Downloads options.
  • Now you need to click on the individual apps located in the download history.
  • Now check mark the box which says ‘Allow Automatic Updating’.
  • Just tick it and you are ready to go with automatic updates of those apps.

Now what does the above procedure infer? The above procedure means that you have to manually following the procedure for each app mentioned above. Unless you do that your apps wouldn’t be updated automatically. Once you have done that for all apps you have then it will automatically be updated.

A small tip from my end is that you setup the above procedure for apps that your require the most.



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