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Barcode Scanner Application for Android devices

ANDROID BARCODE SCANNERSo last time i told you about how to find the lowest price of online products online, it’s now time that i tell you how you can decode the barcode simply with the help of barcode scanner which is compatible with Google Android device.

Barcode scanner application allows you to decode the information like from where the item has been manufactured, the price of the item and also sometimes manufacturing date. Barcode scanning allows you to scan most popular codes in 1D and 2D formats such as QR code to search Google for product results in some cases or in some applications. Now you can scan the barcodes on the go and that too conveniently on DVDs or CDs, books, and all other products, then look up prices, reviews, all information or search for a word in a book and find where it occurs. All you need to do is to just open the application and with the help of camera it scans the barcode and provides you with the information through Google, please note you will be needing internet connectivity for this.

barcode scanned

You can also find bar code for phone numbers. When you scan them using your Android phone, the number will be keyed for you and will allow you to directly dial in the number. Currently the barcode scanner is picking up its popularity in India. You can directly download this barcode application software tool for your Android mobile device from here. This application is designed by Z Xing which i found it very effective in terms of product search and review. This barcode scanner from Z Xing is a free application.

The Z Xing software tool supports for: UPC-A and UPC-E, EAN-8 and EAN-13, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, QR Code, ITF, Coda bar, RSS-14 (all variants), Data Matrix and PDF 417 (‘alpha’ quality). Barcode Scanner can easily encode a contact as a QR Code and present it on-screen, so that a friend can easily scan your contact information from your screen without any hassles. You can also download the Google apk files from here. Alternatively if you want to download the Barcode scanner from the Android Market place then all you need to do is to just search for “Barcode Scanner” from your Android device.



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