Basemark OS II Benchmarking Tool for Android, iOS, Windows Phone Launched – Factors, Details

If you are keen to know how your phone is performing compared to other phones or tablets, then it time to get the new Basemark OS ll, released on three Operating systems, i.e. Andriod, iOS and Windows Phone. Basemark OS II is a cross platform Benchmarking tool, launched by Rightware.


Basemark OS ll runs various tests on your device that includes, system, memory, graphics, web browsing, battery performance test and camera tests. After all the tests are completed it will assign a score based on the results. It will take around 2 minutes for the test to complete. The results are displayed as shown in the Screen shot taken.

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To start the test, simply tap Run Benchmark after downloading and installing the application. You will be getting the Overall result, System, memory, Graphics and Web results. Since this a free application only this can be done, we need to download the full version (a paid pro version, which is not yet launched) and perform all the individual tests.

After the test is completed successfully you can upload the results with other devices that have been accessed. This Basemark OS II will be comparing the results based only on the hardware performance, so the comparisons are not varying with the Operating system or you can simply say the comparisons are OS neutral.

We are immensely proud in advancing the general public’s understanding of the performance differences of the modern smartphones. This launch marks a major milestone since it is the first trusted performance gauge that enables true cross platform overall performance comparisons. One of the exciting and unique features is a camera speed test. We don’t know of any other such a test in publicly available product in the world – Teemu Uotila, Director of Benchmark Unit of Rightware, said on the launch.

You can also perform Extra Tests but for now only the Camera Performance can be tested after taking some images, and score will be given (with and without flash) and the test conditions are also mentioned. So are you running this test on your Android, iOS and Windows phone? Let us know what’s the score is. Be connected for more information and updates.

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