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Best HTC One V Screen Protectors – t320e

The HTC One V is a smartphone powered by Android and is manufactured by HTC. This phone is a part of HTC’s One series of phones. It  also goes by another name, HTC Tipo  in some places.  This phone is a mid end Android phone targeted at people who wants a fast processor and basic functionalities and are on a budget. The stand out design feature of this phone is it chin like design where the bottom front of the phone is curved outwards. This design was first seen in the HTC Legend. The body of the phone is made of anodized aluminium which gives it a really good look and feel. The phone sorts a 3.7 inch Super LCD2 capacitive touch screen with multi touch capabilities.  This is a good screen size for this phone as it makes it more compact and fits really well in your hands when held. Under the hood a powerful 1 GHz Qualcomm powers the phone and the 512MB of RAM makes the phone feel pretty fast to use. It is more than capable of handling daily tasks like web browsing and music playback seamlessly. In the optics section the phone has a 5MP snapper at the back along with a LED flash. The camera sensor is also capable of capturing  video at 720p HD resolution and can take pictures simultaneously. Coming to the software the phone runs Android v4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwhich) out of the box along with HTC’s own custom user interface, Sense UI v4.0 running on top. A standard 1500mAh battery provides enough juice to your phone to last throughout the day.

Accessories such as screen protectors are extremely important for phones as they offer high amount of protection to your phone display. Investing small amounts in such accessories can go a long way. These accessories are also becoming more and more cheaper which means you don’t have to spend a large sum of money just for maintaining and protecting your phone. Screen protectors can help you protect your phone’s display against minimizing scratches, bumps, wear and tear, erosion and other environmental factors the phone might encounter during everyday usage. Screen protectors are nowadays being manufactured specifically for the device they are meant for so that the user will not need to go through the trouble of cutting and shaping it to fit their phone. In this post we are going to look at some of the best screen protectors available in the market for the HTC One V.

ArmorSuit MilitaryShield – HTC One V Screen Protector Shield

ArmourSuit MilitaryShield screen protectors for your phone is one of the best choice out there which provides long lasting protection to your screen. This is made of military grade material which is used in military aircraft and helicopters. It is extremely strong and durable and also has a UV protection coat to prevent ‘yellowing’. It is optically clear and transparent and will in no way affect the quality of the screen for viewing. It comes equipped with special self healing technology that coves up minor scratches overtime so that viewing quality wont deteriorate. It also protects the screen from moisture, dust, dirt, scratches, minor bumps and erosion. Lifetime replacement warranty is also offered on this item.


  • Custom made to fit your device perfectly
  • Self healing technology
  • Made of Military Grade protective material
  • Reduces scratches
  • Does not affect touch sensitivity
  • Easy to remove without any adhesive or marks
  • Comes with special cleaning cloth
  • Lifetime warranty

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Skinomi TechSkin – HTC One V Screen Protector Ultra Clear Shield

Skinomi Techskin screen protector is Ultra Clear and is custom made for an exact fit on your device. The film is extremely thin and does not add bulk to the device. It is virtually indestructible and almost completely invisible. Equipped with a layer of UV protection, it prevents yellowing and increases longevity. Made of military grade materials used to build air crafts you can be sure that your phone is safe form scratches, falls, dust and dirt. This offers great and long time protection for your phone without decreasing the quality of the display and touch sensitivity in any way. Grease and fingerprint marks also wont stick to your screen. The manufacturer also offers lifetime warranty.


  • Made from clear thermoplastic urethane Film
  • Unmatched invisible screen clarity
  • Virtually indestructible
  • UV protection to prevent Yellowing
  • Shock absorbent, doesn’t dent nor tear
  • Scratch proof and resistant to dust, erosion and abrasion
  • Lifetime replacement Warranty

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Amzer AMZ93840 Anti-Glare Screen Protector Scratch Guard Shield for HTC One V

The Amazer Anti Glare Screen protector for the HTC One V is a perfect all round option if you want to protect your display. Made of a special micro thin polymer and a High Grade thermoplastic, this screen protector reduces glare, improves clarity and also is very durable. This also reduces 90% of UV rays caused by reflected light and thus protecting your eyes. It provides an ultimate solution for protecting your screen from fingerprints, dirt, scratches, smudges, and grease.


  • Custom made to fit your device perfectly
  • Reduces 90% of UV Rays Caused by Reflected Light
  • Made of High-grade thermoplastics designed for durability
  • Reduces scratches, bumps and smudges
  • Does not affect touch sensitivity
  • Easy to remove without any adhesive or marks
  • Comes with special cleaning cloth

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The Ecell clear screen protectors are manufactured from highly durable protective film technology which helps to reduce surface reflection and maintains clarity even in bright light conditions. They are very safe and easy to apply or remove and the films will leave no marks or residue on your phone. They offer unbelievable resistance to scratches and damage, and will extend the life of your phone without compromising touch screen responsiveness or functionality. It is also UV protected and waterproof. This screen protector acts to be a best protective shield for the screen of your phone against any external damages like dust, scratches, fingerprint marks, etc. Its design and thickness is in such a way that quality of viewing is unaltered.


  • Virtually invisible and 100% clear
  • Protects against scratches
  • Waterproof for easy washing
  • Custom fit for your phone
  • UV protection
  • Easy application and removal
  • Comes in a pack of 3

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GreatShield Ultra Smooth Clear Screen Protector Film for HTC One V

GreatShield Ultra screen protector for the HTC One V is made up of 3-layer PET film material which is perfectly engineered to fit your device. The touch sensitivity of the screen is not compromised in any way and it provides crystal-clear visibility. This screen protector is extremely easy to apply and can be removed and washed for reuse. Owing to its special type of material, the screen protector has extensive anti-glare properties and makes day to day use very comfortable.


  • 3 X Anti-glare clear hard coating
  • Can be removed and washed for reuse
  • No sticky residue
  • Protection from dust and scratches
  • 3 films in a pack
  • Matte and anti-glare
  • Comes with a Cleaning cloth

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