How to Capture a Screenshot in the LG G2 Android Smartphone

With the new design, many things change and it includes even the basic stuff. Capturing a screenshot is what many of us do regularly whenever we wanted to share a screen, or to show off when they get a high score while gaming. That was possible earlier on most of the device by pressing a combination of two buttons, like the Power + Volume Down, Volume Down + Home and that depends on the device totally. With the new LG G2 coming into the scene, the button placement is all changed and you would see the Power and Volume buttons just below the camera on the back panel.

Now to capture the screenshot in the LG G2 smartphone, you got two different ways – one is the physical method where you need to use the back buttons, and the other way is by going to the options in the interface, where the Quick Memo option can help in taking the screenshot of the particular page from where you opened it.

LG G2 Capture Screenshots

Physical Method – Capturing Screenshot on LG G2

The physical method to capture the screenshot in the LG G2 device is by pressing the Power/Lock button along with the “Volume Down” button at the same time. That’s not so easy to do, as the two buttons are too closely placed to each other. You can do that by pressing them using a single finger, or by using two fingers but that is hard to do. I got used to the single-finger pressing both the buttons together, and you can try that for a few times before seeing whether you wanted to try the software method.

Software Method – Capturing Screenshot on LG G2

The software method is not like a few other Android devices where the long press of power key showed an option within the list of other power options. Here, you can take advantage of only the Quick Memo feature which can be accessed through the Notification Panel. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Go to the particular location or page in the interface whose screenshot is needed
  • Pull down the Notification panel, and click on the Quick Memo option located on the extreme left
  • The screenshot would be taken and it would take you to the Editing options where you can draw something, add text and then have the option to save the photo to the gallery or in the QuickMemo app
  • If you choose to have the screenshot saved in the Gallery, it would get located in a new folder called QuickMemo

The screenshots below would give you an easier idea, and you just need to follow them in the given order.

LG G2 Quick Memo Option LG G2 Edit Quick Memo LG G2 Save Quick Memo

LG G2 Saving Screenshot LG G2 Quick Memo Gallery

The first one, i.e. physical might be easy for few, and hard for others but that is at least helpful whenever you are into the different applications, because the Quick Memo app won’t work there as the Notification Panel cannot be accessed from everywhere.

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