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How to Change and Customize Front Touch Buttons on LG G Pro 2

Customization is what we love Android for, and when the smartphones themselves come with little possibility for customization in the interface, it’s quite disappointing. That is not the case though, with the LG G Pro 2 which has a lot of options to make the interface better and easier to use based on the user’s need. One of the most commonly used areas in any smartphone is the buttons, and the ones in the bottom below the display are quite important and commonly used.

LG G Pro 2 Front Touch Buttons

Usually for most of the LG Android phones, there are three buttons which are usually the fixed ones with options for Home, Back and Menu but in the LG G Pro 2 (just like it was in the LG G2), the front touch buttons are changeable, and you can change the position as well as the actual buttons where an addition to the standard three buttons is possible, taking it to a maximum of five buttons below the display.

To change the front touch buttons in the LG G Pro 2, you need to go:
Settings > Display > Home & Lock > Front touch buttons

LG G Pro 2 Front Touch Button Combination

Here, you would be able to see the options, which are explained as below.

Button combination – Here’s where you can change all the combinations for buttons. You need to touch and drag the icon rearrange it or place it in the icon tray if it isn’t already. The three that come by default, are Home, Menu and Back buttons which cannot be removed but can be rearranged in the tray. The extra ones that we see are – Recent Apps, QSlide, Notifications and QuickMemo.

There is a total of 5 icons which you can use at maximum in the icon tray, and you can choose to have them at any order you want.

Color – The color of the tray icon can be changed, and the user can choose between White, White Gradation, Black and Black Gradation.

LG G Pro 2 Front Touch Buttons Edit

Transparent background – The front touch buttons tray is usually opaque and keeps its own color in every section, even the home screen. You can choose to have that transparent on the home screen.

This is a very handy option for someone who wanted to have the buttons in a combination which was in their previous phone, where a few devices come with the Back key on the right side (for example, Samsung Galaxy phones).

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