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Cheapest Android Tablets in India Launched by LACS

LACS Pepper tabletsWhat do you think would be the cheap price that you can get an Android tablet? Of course the India government showed us a limelight into $ 35 tablet but until now they have produced any real product. For a long time Olive Telecom’s OlivePad was the cheapest Android tablet priced at Rs 18000 in India. But few weeks back the Reliance 3G tab broke the record by becoming the cheapest available tablet priced at Rs 12,999. After Reliance, Beetel soon followed the trend and they launched Beetel Magiq tablet priced at Rs 9999.

We have the news that a Bangalore based company name LACS (Lakshmi Access Communication Systems) become the latest player in the Indian market to get budget tablet PCs. It has launched various tablets which come in 7 inches, 8 inches and 10 inches screen sizes. The good thing about those tablets is that they are cheaply available price starting at Rs 6,250.

Though the official site of the company is under maintenance and shows only picture of the tablet. They have altogether launched twelve tablets which comes in four different product series namely Pepper, Tamarind, Mirchi and Paprika. These four series has got 3 tablets models under each.

Pepper Series

The tablets available in this series are Pepper M74, Pepper M84v and Pepper 108i.

Pepper series tablets
The Pepper M74V is an Android Froyo 2.2 based tablet with 7 inches LCD sensitive touch display (maybe a kind of resistive touchscreen) at an 800 x 480 screen resolution. It has 800 Mhz processor and we have little information on its features. The tablet supports Ethernet LAN, Wi-Fi and USB 2.0. With just a front camera, 3 G compatible dongle and support of micro SD card slot along with 3.5 mm stereo headset jack make this tablet worth affordable.

It also comes with micro SD card support up to 32 GB, built-in 2 GB memory and G Sensors. It is the base model and it’s priced at Rs 6, 250. Other two models in this series are Pepper M84V and Pepper 108i have similar specifications but the only difference comes in the display sizes and the presence of HDMI and GPS.

Paprika Series

The tablets available in this series are Paprika 78S, Paprika M88A and Paprika M19/M10.

Paprika Series TabletsThe Paprika 78S is the base tablet under this series and it has got 7 inches capacitive touch screen with 800 x 480 resolution. This tablet is Wi-Fi enable and supports HDMI connectivity. It also supports USB Host 2.0 and USB device 2.0. You can add 32 GB of memory to this tablet using the standard micro SD card slot provided and 3.5 mm headset jack takes the entertainment to next level. The tablet comes with 3G compatible dongle, front camera and built-in 4 GB of internal memory. Just like Pepper series, the tablet gets Android Froyo operating system.

The other two models Paprika M88A and Paprika M19/M10 have same specifications expect the screen size varies.

Tamarind Series

The tablets available in this series are Tamarind M733, Tamarind M833 and Tamarind M188.

The base version Tamarind M733 has 7 inches capacitive touch screen with ultra slim body. It’s a Wi-Fi enable devices which supports HDMI, USB Host 2.0 and supports micro SD card with a maximum storage of 32 GB. The tablet comes with 3G compatible dongle, 3.5 mm headset jack and front VGA camera along with 8 GB of internal memory. There is no change in Android version and continues with Android Froyo.

The other two versions in this series Tamarind M833 and Tamarind M188 have got the same specifications apart from the display screen size.

Lakshmi Access Communication Systems is planning to open their outlets around various cities and towns to sell these devices with brand name as ‘easyEz’. Also, also with the purchase of their tablets, they are offering an upgrade warranty to their customers under whom the users would be able to upgrade to the latest version model by returning the older unit and paying the difference price.

Overall, not sure what magic this tablet would create and moreover Android 2.2 is a smartphone operating system which comes pres installed with this tablets. The price tag attached to this tablet might make an impact.



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