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Get Chipmunk or Robot Voice with Text-to-Speech on Android on Galaxy S2

As you know the Text to Speech are those applications which will read out the text automatically and gives out the audio so that we can hear. Generally these softwares comes with choice on output voice, languages accent, ethnicity and sound. Smartphones with Android operating system comes with Text to Speech application which has various uses like it can be used while driving &  read out the caller info, the message and other text alerts. In the similar way that can be used for entertainment purpose too.

On your Galaxy S II phone you can produce the output voice of a robot or chipmunk. This post will explain you on how to get the output voice as of Chipmunk or robot in text to speech converters on your lovable Android mobile phone.

Chipmunk or Robot Voice with Text-to-Speech on Android

Here is the settings on how you would enable them on your Galaxy S II phone, it might work on others phones too.

  • From your phone tap on to Menu and then select SettingsGalaxy S II menu
  • Then select the option of Voice Input and Output.Voice and Text
  • Now select the option of Text to Speech Settings located under the voice output.Text to Speech
  • Under that select Default engine.Default Engine
  • Now select SamsungTTS as your default engine and then select the speech rate of Samsung TTS in the next option.Default Engine
  • Now here comes the effect, since the speech rate of Chipmunks is faster you have to choose the settings accordingly. So under Voice effect select ‘Helium gas effect‘ and under speech rate you need to select ‘Very Fast‘ and then listen to example what you hear, it would be the voice of a Chipmunk.
    Settings Text to Speech Settings Text to Speech


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