Communicate with your Pet Dog & Cat with Animal Translator Android App

Pets have become our part of life and we adopt various kinds of pets like cats, dogs and many other are interested in rabbits, hamster, and tortoise. Do wish to communicate with your pets? Do you want to know what they want to say when they bark? When they bark they want to communicate but the only thing is we don’t understand what they want to say. Your communication to your pet as of now would be through the body language or the eye contact but science and technology is of no less. Pet’s counterpart would easily understand but we need to make guess what they want to say. Until you have a specific instrument or device, you can’t really understand what they want speak. But thanks to Android that you can have translator Android application which allows you to know what your pets want to really say.

Animal Translator Animal Translator Animal Translator

The Animal Translator is an Android application which can easily let you know what your pets want to communicate with you. Application first launched on the April Fool’s Day is now a reality. This application is quite simple and easy to handle. As you go through the application, select the pet which you have and hold it up to your pet and once the voice recorder is ON it will record the voice and the application will translate whatever your pet’s is saying in written English language.

Animal Translator Animal Translator Animal Translator

Animal Translator app will work on those devices with minimum as Android 1.6 OS and works perfectly on the devices  Ice Cream Sandwich as well. Currently rated as 3.5 out of 5 but has very limited installs.

Animal Translator Application Download

Animal Translator Android application can be easily downloaded from Android Apps Labs for free. To download it directly on to your mobile phone, you need to visit the Android Apps Labs page listing of this application from your phone’s browser and then click on Install to automatically install this app.

Alternatively it can be downloaded by the QR code and for that you need to open any bar code scanning application from your mobile phone and then point the camera on to the following square –

Animal Trans QR

Android Advices Application Rating – 3.5 / 5



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