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App Store is for Apple and App Marketplace is for Android. The good news from Apple App store is that it has reached 10 million downloads but do let at the fastest growing Android App Marketplace. The big success of Android is all because of availability of so many apps at Android Marketplace. The better thing is 80% of the apps listed in the Android Market place are completely free to use and out of other 20% apps they are very easy to afford.

Appsbar Android Apps Development Tool

Android App Market is still growing and there is huge opportunity for the developers to show up their work. Their work would be recognized as they are still much more happening in the world and world always required new things. Appsbar is an online tool which helps you to build Android and apps for Apple in a way which is simpler.

The Appsbar makes it easy to develop app builder which comes for free to any users. They provide you with full functional application builder which offers you a lot of features, instructions and ability to publish your app with one click button. It provides you step by step guide with hint button always on for your assistance. For creating an app you have a choice of going with pre-loaded apps types or you can create your custom design right from the scratch.

You can create your app in three easy steps, which are –

  1. The first and the foremost thing to do is register with them, confirm your subscription through email and login to your account.
  2. Now click on Start New App.
  3. Select the app type from categories of business, music, events and from many more categories. The category would be reflected on the right side mobile phone. You should select you’re the base device whether its Android or Apple.Appsbar
  4. In the next tab you would be asked to provide the name of the App, then click on next.Appsbar
  5. The next step is to select the app icon as it would be the easiest process to do. You can upload it from your computer, get an image from internet or get an image from their library.Appsbar
  6. Choose an image from the source that you have selected and preview on the phone present on the right side.
  7. Now you need to select the splash screen image and again the above three sources are available for the background splash screen.Appsbar
  8. In the next option choose the apps color scheme among the screen colors provided and then click on Next.Appsbar
  9. Now you need to select the App background image and the same three sources are available to choose the image from.Appsbar
  10. Now just like pages, your app would be containing pages and you need to create them. Already the app has added few pages like About, Events, Photos, Videos and Social Links. Still you can create more pages. Once the page editing is done and you have added the required things you can click on Publish button to publish the app.

So did you try this and checked it out by yourself?

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