How to Create & Set 3D Live Wallpapers in your Android Phone – DIY Guide

Would you like to turn your own photos into the 3D Wallpapers and set the same in your Android device? If yes, you will then be happy to know that the default app of Google Camera App which is now available to all the Nexus line up of smartphones does the same. This new camera app comes with the Lens blur option which can be customized to deliver best of the photo effects. So after you click the photo, you need to just slide the phone in the upward direction and the app created 2 pieces of information. One photo is taken when the shutter button is pressed, while the second comes when you sweep the phone on the upward motion after which the 3D map of every pixel is being created automatically for the initial photo.

This camera app uses the 3D map as the reference point adding the blur effect to the objects which doesn’t fall under the specified plane. All thanks to the UK’s Opotech for coming out with this technology for the creating a new live wallpaper which applies a 3D parallax effect to your photo, and uses your device’s sensors to “change” the vantage point as you move. Such kind of feature is available on the Apple devices which are on the iOS 7.

The best part of this is that you need not even root the device. So let’s check out on how to use this camera app so that you can make the most of your device for photography.

Step 1: Install the “Depth Photo 3D Live Wallpaper” from the Google PLAY Store in your phone.

Depth 3D

Step 2: Using the Google Camera app, create a 3D effect on any of the Lens blur photo which you have clicked. Open the Stock camera app on your android phone and swipe inward from left edge of the screen which will bring up the menu for capturing photo in various modes where you need to select the option of “Lens Blur”.

Lens Blur

Step 3: Press the “Shutter” button and also the animation effect will prompt you to the slider on your phone in the upward motion.

Camera Lens

Step 4: Once you have created the Lens Blur photo, you re now all set for setting up the Live wallpaper. Open ”Depth Photo 3D” from your app drawer to get started. Next up, you need to choose the “Lens Blur Photo” to add your picture.

Set Wallpaper

Next time, you need to head over to the photos which you have clicked to select the image as your wallpaper. The clicked photo will be there in the recently clicked photos section at the top itself as shown in the below screen shot.

Set Settings

Tap on the back button and you will be able to see the preview in the “Depth Photo” to set the same as the wallpaper which is brilliant enough to set the same as your Home screen wallpaper. The free version of Depth Photo 3D uses your phone’s accelerometer. So this app will support only the devices which are having the 3D accelerometer.

Do let us know your views on the same as we will make sure that this will solve most of the issues.

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