Create Time Lapse on Android Mobile with 720P & MP4, MOV or FLV Formats

Instead of capturing videos at a normal speed, the time lapse makes the video interesting by showing the same video scenes at a slower pace of five seconds or less instead of showing continues frames of pictures. The time lapse for video arrives on Android phone supporting various devices.

Lapse It is an Android application which allows you to easily capture amazing videos on your Android powered mobile phone. This app helps you to master the time lapse technique by giving you all the tools to get creative videos with time difference.

Lapse It

The settings screen of this application lets you choose global settings for application and it’s pretty straight forward. The video capture can be done at 720p HD video using the pro only and the free app it’s limited to 240p. The users who install this app on their mobile phone or tablet have option to set video formats among the available option of MP4, MOV or FLV.

Lapse it Settings

These settings of capture and render can be changed at any point of time or in the start of new capture to render a new sequence. The users who are using this application can capture amazing time lapse videos with the Android camera in very simple and intuitive manner.

Video Render Quality Lapse It

When you start a capture when you open this application once its downloaded & run, the device starts taking picture every x seconds and takes the pictures until you end the video.

Lapse It Lapse It

Lapse It Download

The Lapse It Android application can be easily downloaded on to your mobile phone by visiting the site called Android Apps Labs. By opening it on your Android phone, you just need to click on install and it will install it directly for you.

Here is the video which I have recorded using this application on my Samsung Galaxy S 2 mobile phone –


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