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The Dangers and Power of Simple Root

Simple Root is a program developed to root the HTC Evo 4G. Rooting an Android device essentially unlocks the NAND memory and flash memory in the phone to allow it to be rewritten or tweaked to the user’s preference. However, rooting an Android device does not come without risks. Simple Root is designed to minimise those risks, however there have been reports of some people losing 4G capabilities once using it. A lot of this may come down to the user not know what they were doing when rooting the device. You generally have to reinstall another rom in order to add and enhance functionality after rooting the device. Maybe many of the people who had problems neglected to do this part of the process or were unaware that they had to do this.

Simple Root has a very easy to follow interface. It has a few buttons – labelled ‘Root’, ‘Unlock Nand’ and ‘Flash Recovery’. All pretty straight forward if you know anything about rooting an Android device. It is important to note however that Simple Root is only designed to work with the HTC Evo 4G – so don’t attempt to use it for another Android phone because you might cause untold problems for the Android device. The other problem with using a tool such as this is that it makes the process too easy. Usually, in order to root an Android device you had to specify individual commands and these commands took some research to come up with and learn about. You are essentially cheating yourself out of knowing what you are doing when you are rooting the device.

The Dangers and Power of Simple Root

It is a free download and relatively easy to install and run. However you really need to back up anything you can before doing the rooting process. If you lose something it may take a lot of work (and the kindness of others) to reinstall the original rom that you have wiped while rooting the device. This point can’t be stressed enough – there is no point in bricking a device worth a few hundred to a thousand dollars because you are not sure of what you are doing. So probably more importantly you should do a lot of research on rooting an Android device prior to attempting it. You might be rooting the device for the wrong reasons. There is no point rooting an Android device to give your phone functionality that you can get for a couple of bucks on the AppStore or the Market.

The same applies if you want to root your Android device to install a new interface. If you can get the interface through an add-on or app then you are better off getting it that way then installing a whole new rom for the job. Playing around with Android rooting can be quite dangerous. However, it is also quite powerful if the reasons for doing so are valid. So keep this in mind before going out and using a tool such as Simple Root.

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