Dell Wyse Cloud Connect Android Dongle runs Android OS on any Screen with HDMI – Specs & Pricing

Dell keeps trying to come up with ways to keep itself in the Android market, and this time, it isn’t a smartphone or tablet device but a dongle which creates a bridge between the screens and the Android OS. The Dell Wyse Cloud Connect is a $129 device which brings the Android OS to any TV or display, which has got an HDMI input.

Dell Wyse Cloud Dongle

The good thing is, this is not the cloud connecting dongle which would take the data from a smartphone and push it to the screen, but this dongle itself would run Android Jelly Bean OS and would support MHL connections (mobile high-def) and it would offer Bluetooth and Mini USB for the connectivity to mouse, keyboard and the other devices.

The connectivity doesn’t end there, necause the Wyse Cloud Connect has the 802.11n dual-band Wi-Fi and there is Google Play Store for the Android software. It is a device which is focused for the enterprise and businesses who would want a customized interface on their large TV screens. There is Dell Wyse PocketCloud software too included, which would help it act as a virtual terminal for the remote computers.

Dell Wyse

This could change the way TVs and large screens are used, because this single dongle would be enough to carry all the files, data and provide all the options to view them and because there is a capability for Full HD output, the apps like Netflix on Android would be running perfectly on this. The Cortex A9 multi-core ARM SoC is what would power the dongle, not really high-end but good enough to run the HD and 3D graphics as Dell claims. There is an onboard storage of 8GB and 1GB of RAM is provided. Another good part with the storage is that you get to see a MicroSD card slot, which would support up to 72GB of external storage.

This is a pretty interesting device, as it makes it possible for users to carry a pocket computer along, just plug it to any HDMI screen and start working. Better if it’s a touch-based screen. Would you get one, for the price of $129?



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