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Download Android 4.2 Update for Galaxy Nexus – Tutorial TAKJU Build

So the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is now finally going to see the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS udpate, as there have been downloads available already for the GSM version of Samsung Galaxy Nexus for those who wanted to have a taste of the 4.2 OS before others, and do not want to wait for the OTA way of updating their phone. There are of course different methods of installing the Android 4.2 on the Galaxy Nexus:

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Method 1

CWM or (i.e., NON-touch) recovery installed
For those who have the Jelly Bean OS, this method would work pretty fine and you will need to re-flash the CWM, and once the phone gets booted up, you need to rename /system/etc/
If you wanted to retain the CWM recovery, you shouldn’t follow this method. There is a revised method by Revoked which you should follow.

Steps in Method 1

  • Download the correct update for your build on to your computer;
  • Open the archive and delete the recovery folder; (Imp: If you are using any Jelly Bean update, i.e. JRN84D or newer, you should not follow this step)
  • Copy the file to /sdcard on your device;
  • Reboot into CWM;
  • Select “install zip from sdcard” and then select “choose zip from sdcard”;
  • Now select the update which you had copied to the file system
  • Do not do anything from your side, and wait till the update completes and the phone reboots

Method 2

Stock recovery installed, Unlocked bootloader

Steps in Method 2

  • Check for the build of your phone, and download the correct update available for it.
  • Copy the file to /sdcard on your device;
  • Download CWM from here and place it on your computer in the same directory as your fastboot binary.
  • Rename the CWM image to cwm.img and then reboot the device into fastboot mode;
  • Open a command prompt in the same directory;
  • – Type fastboot devices to make sure your device is recognized;
  • – Type fastboot boot cwm.img
  • Select “install zip from sdcard” and select “choose zip from sdcard”;
  • Select the update the you just copied to your device and wait until the update completes.
  • Once the update is done, you need to reboot the device and you are done.

Method 3

Stock recovery locked bl, no root

  • Reboot your device into the stock recovery (i.e., the screen with the Android on its back with the “!”;
  • Access the stock recovery menu by pressing power and volume up;
  • Select “Apply update from ADB”;
  • Download the correct update for your build and place it in the same directory as your ADB binary;
  • Open a command prompt in the same directory as your ADB binary;
  • Type adb devices to make sure that your device is recognized, and type adb sideload
  • Once it gets done, you need to reboot the phone.

Imp. Note: If at all you want to do the installation and update manually, JZO54K is the build you need to have in your phone.

Download the file here.
This tutorial is for the TAKJU build, and there is another tutorial for the 4.1.2 YAKJU build which we would be sharing soon.

Source: Omgdroid

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