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Download CyanogenMod 9 Music App on any Android ICS Phone

You might be aware of the CyanogenMod. CyanogenMod is an Android community providing various ROM and firmware update for a number of cell phones. Though CyanogenMod ROM are considered to be custom ROMs they have got huge popularity and reputation around.

Here comes the new CyanogenMod music application which is feature rich with a lot of functions that you can do in a single application never present before in any application. By installing CyanogenMod 9 and a little usage of it you will love it and furthermore you would forget the stock music player of Android.

Cyanogen9 Music App

This application is not yet available in the Android Market but you can install this using the APK file released by the developer of this application. This will run on the devices which are powered with Android 4.0 i.e., the latest version of Ice Cream Sandwich. The devices which are powered with Android 4.0 include Galaxy Nexus and few Android tablets. Most talked feature of shake and flip to stop and play music is also added to this music application. Moreover you can customize the shake action to control the music in more detail. Moreover this shake and stop action can be called in anywhere you are in the phone as it runs in the background.

Cyanogen Music list

The CyanogenMod Music app comes various features such as –

  • You can shop at Android Market for currently playing song with click of push button
  • Share the track which you are listening to with social sharing
  • Directly set any song as your ring tone
  • Directly delete unwanted track from memory card through the player
  • Search for music from anywhere in the application
  • Allows adding of music with simple drag and drop queue and playlist
  • You can design custom lock screen
  • Designed for third party developer customization in easy way
  • You can add ‘Google Music’ theme to the Cyanogen Mod 9 Music

The CyanogenMod9 Music application is still not official and if you have Galaxy Nexus or Ainol Novo7 tablet or any other devices with minimum Android 4.x operating

system them you can go with this beautiful application. You need to install this using the APK file –

Music app – Download
Google Music Theme – Download
Music Theme Template – Download



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