{APK} Download Flesky 4.2 Keyboard for Android with Material Design & new features – Details

One can’t keep Flesky out of the news as its one of the hot and happening keyboards which are now available for Android. For all those who though this is JAK (Just another Keyboard), then it’s not the case. From breaking their own quick-typing Guinness World Record, this one constantly releases the stream of updates as well to keep up the pace with all the latest things. This new keyboard also boasts the Material design and also comes with the new version of 4.2 with extensions support and new themes which will surely rejoice you. One can drag and drop the system to further improve the keyboard experience. Let’s check out quickly on how this new keyboard looks like below;

Screenshot_2014-12-14-14-43-07 Screenshot_2014-12-14-14-43-21 Screenshot_2014-12-14-14-43-01 Screenshot_2014-12-14-14-43-30


This new keyboard also comes with the Chameleon and the popular Gold keyboard which makes worth using this keyboard.  Also, the huge list of changes are mentioned below;

  • Support for 6 New Extensions
  • GIF Keyboard
  • Numbers Row
  • Launcher
  • Rainbow pops
  • Invisible keyboard
  • Material and new age collection with 9 new themes
  • Material design
  • 6 New Badges
  • Auto correct will make you type less
  • Key press vibration now matches Spacebar vibration
  • Themes, Badges and Dictionary will now sync between Google Play, Amazon and Galaxy stores
  • Other bug fixes

So just in case if you wish to download the Flesky Keyboard, you can head over to the  Fleksy Beta Google+ Community and then you can join the beta program for downloading the same from Google PLAY Store. Do let us know in the comments section just kin case if you have any issues. Alternatively, you can also download the Flesky Keyboard 4.2 APK from the below mentioned link. This new keyboard from Flesky will soon be available for public as well as Flesky does a great job in releasing the stable updates.

Download Flesky Keyboard APK

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