Download Floatification App for Ticker Styled Notifications in Android

Till now no one could beat the simplicity in notification handling process as Apple does in its latest OS dubbed as OS 7. But all thanks to an app called as Floatifications (formerly known as Floating Notifications). The worst part of the notifications is that sometimes it gets hidden in the notification drawer, but with Floatifications app, it puts notifications into the secondary popup system. This app was already there in the app store for quite a while now, but this has received an update with hell lot of tweaks and fixes. There are several such apps which aims to provide the same experience, but this one is the best app of the lot.

Application Change log:

  • New ticker notification type,
  • Full screen mode,
  • Option to customize the gap between the stacked icons,
  • Pesky bugs are fixed

The defining feature of this app / the new update is the ticker notification type. Even if you are playing a game or want to see the notifications in the status bar, you can refer to the same effortlessly without going anywhere out of the notification screen. The notification drops down from the top most portion of the screen which retracts back in few seconds. You can also tap it to open the corresponding app or swipe the same manually. In a typical floatification style, you can choose which apps to produce tickers and under which circumstances. You can also refer to the below mentioned screen captures to know more about this app.

Floatifications 3 Floatifications 2 Floatifications 1

The new update is live in Google Play with a 14 day trial. The full version costs about $2 and can be downloaded from Google PLAY Store. Do let us know in the comments section for your thoughts on this app as we will be more than happy to know about your views.

Download Floatifications App

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