Download Google Keep APK for Android – Intelligent Way to Take Notes

For all Android users, here comes one more good news and especially for those who always wanted to take notes. With all new app from Google which is named as Google Keep helps you to create a Checklist, enter a Voice note or even lets you to take a photo and annotate the same. Everything you add / create in Google Keep syncs with your Cloud account which can be accessed from drive.google.com/keep. There are tons of apps which are there in the PLAY Store which helps you to take down the notes but are not as efficient as that of this Google Keep. Google Keep leverages the strength of Google Drive as it synchronizes all the data which is entered in your Google Keep app simultaneously. Now, you can say that Google Keep is an advanced version of Notes which can otherwise be backed up with the help of iCloud and also an advanced version of Microsoft One Note which is there for almost all the three top platforms.

With a neat and simple interface, Google Keep is actually the most beautiful app which comes with host of features which we have summed it below.

Features of Google Keep:

  • Helps to Track Notes. List and Photos,
  • Voice Notes can be transcribed automatically,
  • Use home screen widgets to capture thoughts quickly,
  • Color-code your notes for better viewable experience,
  • Swipe to archive things,
  • Turn a note into a checklist by adding checkboxes,
  • Use your notes from anywhere as these can be stored easily in Google Drive


You can download the Google Keep either from the Google PLAY Store link mentioned below or alternatively you can download Google Keep APK from here. Do let us know on how you felt about this all new app from Google which is Google Keep in the comments section below.


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