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Download New Gmail 4.7 APK with Vacation Responder, Send Review Any File & Kitkat Printing Support

We all know that Gmail was updated to 4.6.1 version by Google in the month of June, today it is further updated to the 4.7 version for Android. This updated application includes many new features like.

  • Vacation responder
  • KitKat printing
  • Archive downloading

Vacation Responder:

This new feature called as “Vacation responder” lets you specify the start and end dates. This is similar to what it is been in the third party email client like the Outlook. To set this option here are the steps.

  • Go to the Inbox and tap on the settings at the top right corner of the screen, then you will find three other options. Select the second option which is your Gmail ID.
  • Below the signature option you will find the Vacation responder option. Just tap on it.
  • Turn on the Vacation responder from the given option then enter the subject and the text.
  • The start and end date should also be set, although the end date can be an optional one.
  • Now at the top of right hand side you will find the DONE option
  • The Vacation responder will be set

Gmail 1 Gmail 2 Gmail 2

Gmail 4 5 6

Kitkat Printing:

This version of Gmail also supports the new system-wide printing, and you can print with any printer that is connected to Google Cloud Print anywhere, anytime. With this application, print all messages in a thread or single message that you want.

Gmail print all Gmail Print Gmail Print

Archive Downloading:

Gmail Attach file

The downloading of the ZIP and other archive files were blocked by Gmail, for Android for security. With this new feature coming with Gmail 4.7 update, we can download archive files, ZIP files, gzip files, bzip files and also the tar archive are enabled. So this also lets us send any type of files by attachment where previously only two options were present (attach picture and attach video). This feature also improves the performance of the device with low in memory (RAM)

This new version of Gmail is available in Google Play Store but it might take few days for the Update to reach your device. You can download the APK from here

These were some worthy features to the Gmail users making the use of Gmail simpler and easier. Will these new changes will be helpful to you? Let us know with your comments.

Last updated on (8 November, 2013 @ 12:05:59) by Chetan Bhawani:

Refreshed and all new Gmail is here, Google has tweaked the email client with a lot of new UX and UI features which we will be checking out in the due course of this article. This Gmail version is having the number as 4.5-694836 and is no less than beautiful. We have also given the details to download the APK of this all new Gmail so that you can install the same in your Android tablet or in Android smartphone. This new client comes with the swipe gestures along with the Swipe down to Refresh options. Lets check out the detailed list of new features;


Highlights of NEW Gmail App:

  • First Go to your Inbox from the Desktop and click on Settings icon as shown below to select the option of “Configure Inbox” for enabling the new tab view in your Gmail.

Configure Inbox

  • The new client comes with the option of Swipe Down to Refresh Option,
  • Empty the trash or Spam mails with just one tap
  • On larger screens like tablets, the bottom bar consists of Delete, Mark Unread along with the every mail marked with the starting alphabet of the sender.
  • Left Swipe Gesture matched with all other apps like Google Drive and Google PLAY Music All Access for seamless UI.

To download this all new Gmail for your Android, you can head over to the below mentioned download links for downloading the same. If downloaded in your PC, you need to transfer the same to your device for installing the same. Do let us know in the comments section just in case if you come across any issues.

Download New Gmail APK



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