Download Plume for Android Beta with Material Design & Flat Colors – Details

The lost glory of twitter seems to be partially restored when it comes in Plume! With an all new user interface, Plume is one of the most stylish twitter clients ever which comes with the black matte color along with the much needed flair of material design. So let’s check out on what are the new things which comes packed with this all new design in Plume. While there are hardly any new twitter clients left in the Play Store all thanks to the token limitation from twitter, its time to check out the new beta version of Plume.

Plume Beta 1 Plume Beta 2 Plume Beta 3 Plume Beta 4

With flat colors and high contrast combination, this client seems to be one of the most sophisticated apps for twitter as it also comes with the flat color options. This device also comes with the floating action icon for composing the tweet on the bottom right which again is a signature of new material design. The Unread counts IS the main timeline view and the slide-out menu has some really cool features and options, thanks to a solid green background instead of a simple bold text. The hamburger menu also comes with various options like Search, favorites, Lists, trends etc. along with the timeline, mentions and direct messages. This is the newest beta which comes with the build number as 56521.

This newest beta app is available for Google + community users of Plume for twitter. For all those who wanted to download this build, all you need to do is to join the Google + community page of Plume and then download the same from the Google PLAY Store. This new app not just supports the Android 5.0 users but also comes with the support of lower versions of android.The best part of this update of that though this update is in the beta stage, this one supports most of the devices.

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