Facebook Uploaded 1.5M Users Email on its Site – Report

Recently Facebook has been criticized for many things regarding security and privacy reasons. Now according to a report, Facebook has unintentionally uploaded the email contacts of its 1.5 million new Facebook users since 2016. Already Facebook has been under scrutiny for many mishaps and a recent report suggested that the social network has spied on the users who have been paying $20 as part of their market research program.

Facebook claims that the email data had been uploaded unintentionally and it has been deleting them right away from the time it got notified about it. The data includes 1.5 million user’s contact which was reportedly used to improve Facebook as targeting. A spokesperson from Facebook has said that they have offered an option to verify their account and identity by giving away the email and password and this feature was removed later.

He also claims that Facebook has not collected or accessed any data from emails. Even though Facebook has been leaking so much data of its users and breaching the users’ privacy we have seen many users still actively using their Facebook accounts while many have already started moving to other social media accounts to be on the safe side. Facebook is claiming that it has already started to fix the latest issue and is also notifying the users whose contacts were imported.

Facebooks users can review and manage the contacts that they want to share from the settings of their account. It will be interesting to know how many of you still trust Facebook over its privacy and still wish to continue to use the social networking platform? How many of you have already moved to others? Comment in the section below to share your views and stay tuned to Android Advices for more.

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