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How To Factory Data Reset Galaxy S5 & Wipe All Data

The Galaxy S5 is the flagship device from Samsung that is creating all the buzz in the market, in spite of coming with the same look and design as its predecessors. However the plastic back was replaced with the perforated textured back that gives a better grip to the device. Many of you might be the owners of the Galaxy S5 and want to reset your device to wipe all the data or increase the speed of the handset. If you are one of them, well here is a simple way how you can do it.

Before starting the reset process, make sure that your device is fully charged or connected to a charger, because if the device shuts down while the process is going on, it might permanently damage your handset. Unlock your Galaxy S5 and go to the settings of the device or just swipe down and tap the settings icon located at the top right of the screen.

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After the settings, go to the User and Backup section or just search for the same by tapping the magnifying glass. Now tap the Backup and reset icon where you will find options like Back up my data, Backup account and Automatic restore with the Factory data reset at the bottom which has to be selected. You will be getting a screen where it mentions all the data that will be deleted and go down to tap the Reset device button.

Now wait for few minutes for the device to get reset to factory settings. The data on the microSD memory card won’t be wiped off so there is no need of pulling out it before resetting the Galaxy S5. This is very much important if you are giving away your Smartphone, because all the passwords and much important information might be stored in your handset that is personal or confidential. Do comment if you have done the reset successfully on your Galaxy S5.

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