How to Find the APK Version of an Android App on Desktop

The Android OS phones are very kind by providing notifications for the apps updates version as they are available and its left to the users to update it or not. But sometimes I get annoyed as most of the application are pushed with the minor updates every third or the fourth day. A very rare percentage of users installs the application on their mobile phone through PC connection and mostly all prefer to go with direct mobile download & updating. If you are one who updates the apks through your computer you should have the LocalAPK application which I have described it here.

The app named as LocalAPK checks the version of apks which are stored on your mobile phone. It checks whether the app that you are running is of the latest version or not. The app actually in background compares the Android Market for the apk file and compares both versions (one present on your mobile and other on the market). This is useful for those who don’t see Android market installed on their handset.

Here the procedure on how to install LocalAPK and check for the apps available updates versions.

  • Make sure that you have downloaded the right LocalAPK (the Android Version Checker). Download it from here for x86 bit and x64 bit. Remind you that this trick works on Windows-based PC only.
  • Install the application and it requires .Net Framework, so download it from the web and install it. When done install the LocalAPK.
  • Connect your mobile phone with the PC using the USB cable provided with your mobile phone for PC connection.
  • When connection is successful turn ON the USB storage from the menu option provided to you.Turn on USB Mass Storage
  • Come back to the PC again and open LocalAPK application.
  • From the menu items, go to Options > Settings.
  • In the Settings select Scan Folder.
  • Click on Add to add the folder and navigate to the SD card drive of your mobile shown on your PC.Check Android SDK
  • Click on OK.
  • Come back to the application main interface and now from the menu option click on Start, select Refresh.
  • You will see the applications with local version and the latest version available.Check Android SDK
  • As soon you in the above picture, I have the update available for SPB Shell 3D app, it has the update available. Now to install the latest update for that app, I will right click on the app and click on Open Market Page.Check Android SDK 3 Update
  • Now I can directly download the app and install as I used to do it previously.

But given that one would require pulling out their USB cable, turn on USB mass storage and then update app by copying downloaded files from PC to memory card would be time-consuming and provided it’s easy to automatically update it straightaway from your mobile phone. Of course you can use what is feasible to you but I find the latter one easy on my Android mobile.



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