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Find Apps Space Storage on Internal Memory & SD Card

disk usage logoThere are tons of apps which provides the information on storage spaces of internal as well as the external medias. So, out of that tons of app, we though to discuss about one such app which provides this information in a very good representative manner, the name of this app is Disk Usage. Basically, the specialty of this app is that it provides a way to find the files and directories which are stored either in the internal SD card or on the external SD card which consumes a lot of space. This software tool app also displays a Graphical User interface with all directories/sub directories which are proportional to their size. After downloading this app, you just need to press the Menu key for more options.

DiskUsage app filterDiskUsage storage view

This application is available for free, the main advantages of this app is that it has a cool visual representation user interfaces which gives detailed information on the apps installed on your device and also you can open or delete the files from the interface of Disk Usage app. It has a mode which is called as the app storage mode which opens up the launches Android’s app manager tool which is a very useful app as it shows the apps or the files which takes the space on your device by not consuming much of RAM while the app is running.

Disk Usage QR Code

You can download theDiskUsage-1.5 from here or alternatively you can also download by scanning the above  mentioned QR Code. If the password is asked then you need to enter the password as



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